Valentine's Day: the right wines to open by candlelight

Three perfect labels for a romantic toast

Valentine's Day: the right wines to open by candlelight

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Valentine's Day is coming up, and what could be better than a nice candlelit toast? If you're looking for inspiration to organise a romantic winelovers' celebration, here are three ideas for celebrating with the right label... and the right atmosphere, of course! Curious? Come on, find out how to leave your better half breathless.


The right wines for Valentine's Day: dinner with a sea or lake view

Planning a romantic getaway? Then we have just the ticket to make your Valentine's Day unforgettable: how about a couple of days by the sea or lake? Choose a nearby destination, perhaps a nice little apartment with a view of the water, and pack your bags. As you can imagine, to make the evening truly perfect, you need to uncork the right wine: if you're planning a light fish-based dinner, how about a MALVASIA PINOT GRIGIO PUGLIA IGT served nice and chilled? With its delicateness, it can accompany you from aperitif time until the wee small hours: it's perfect with cold hors d'oeuvres or light fish and shellfish dishes. Just start thinking about the menu (even if you're not exactly a MasterChef in the kitchen, there are plenty of easy solutions!) and chill it for a truly top Valentine's Day dinner.


The right wines for Valentine's Day: what else is a must for a romantic dinner?

Watchword: soft lighting, that's why your romantic dinner must be by candlelight. Position candles in the places in the room that seem the most 'strategic' to you and light them up at the right moment: sometimes it takes very little to create an atmosphere!

Another detail that can make your Valentine's Day dinner truly memorable is the mise en place: set the table carefully, perhaps showing off those special glasses you keep in reserve for special occasions, and, if you feel like it, buy some fresh flowers (which are always classy!).

Finally, don't forget to prepare or, if you're not very practised, to buy an intriguing dessert: go all out for chocolate and you'll see that it will be the perfect end to your Valentine's Day menu.

Valentine's Day

The right wines for Valentine's Day: a romantic adventure

Are you and your sweetie adventurous and never miss an opportunity to enjoy nature? Then you ought to organise a romantic adventure: whether it is a normal campsite or a very elegant glamping (there are plenty of them now all over Italy and beyond) – organise a Valentine's dinner in front of the fire. Yes, what could be more romantic than a lit campfire, some tempting snacks and, as always, a good glassful in hand? Be organised and don't forget to take everything you need for camping, the ingredients for preparing a small barbecue or even just a mixed grill, and bring along a couple of MONTEPULCIANO D'ABRUZZO DOC "COLLECTION". A nice, dry, bold red is just what you need to warm up the evening, don't you think? Ah, you can always choose a romantic mix tape to complete the atmosphere, or just hang out and enjoy the sounds of nature... of course, don't forget the corkscrew! ;-)

Valentine's Day

The right wines for Valentine's Day: between art and passion

Can you imagine holding hands with your partner and strolling through a city of arts at sunset, perhaps after visiting a museum? So plan an alternative Valentine's Day with aesthetics and good wine! You choose where, there are dozens of romantic cities to visit: Verona, with Romeo and Juliet's terrace, Venice with its inimitable charm, Rome with an avalanche of culture on every street corner... in short, you choose the location, we recommend the wine: if you want to organise a slightly more intimate aperitif after a tour of the city, buy some crudités and uncork a LORIS VINO ROSATO. Delicate, fresh and fragrant, it's a hit with hors d'oeuvres and fusion dishes (if you love ethnic cuisine, keep it chilled and ready and you won't go wrong!). In short, a surprise celebration toast is the perfect way to end a day of art and romantic walks on a high note, don't you think?


Now that we've given you a few tips on how to organise a Valentine's Day like a true winelover and leave your sweetheart breathless, it's time to stock up: find all your favourite labels on Giordano – take a look!

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