The Right Wines for a Spine-chilling Party

Tips for the Perfect Halloween Toast

The Right Wines for a Spine-chilling Party

Date of publication: 25/10/2022

Are you planning a Halloween with friends? Maybe a house party or a “monstrous” dinner party? Whatever your plans, here you will find plenty of tips for a party “to die for” and, most importantly, you will discover which wines complement the atmosphere you want to create.

Wines for Halloween: Home Masquerade Parties

If you love dressing up and are excited about what costume you’re going to wear, why not throw a masquerade party at home? It will be one hell of a Halloween party! But don’t worry, we’ll help you plan every detail... Are you ready?

Home Masquerade Parties: Spine-Chilling Costumes

Whether you want to buy a ”scary” costume or make one yourself (because maybe you have fantastic dexterity), the important thing is to involve your guests and invite them to dress up without making them feel that it is something they have to do.
You could hold a contest where the best mask gets a small prize... A bottle of wine would surely go down a treat!
You could even choose a theme to help those who are less creative find the inspiration they need to design a creepy costume. This could be anything from horror movies to comic book characters or classic vampires... Unleash your imagination and marvel at your friends’ disguises. It will be a lot of fun.

Home Masquerade Parties: What to Drink

A true wine-lover like yourself will understand that to achieve the perfect toast, you first need to think about the menu. If you’re planning a platter of cold meats and moderately matured cheeses or cold fish-based appetisers (quick and easy to prepare, allowing you more time to enjoy the party), you could open a delicate rosé such as RAGGIANTE ROSATO. It goes perfectly with all those party appetisers you’re planning, and you’ll notice how refreshing it is – a great way to start the evening. You could make the toast even more “monstrous” by choosing Halloween-themed decorated glasses or by simply surrounding the stem of the glasses with fake spider webs. A toast truly befitting the Addams Familywink

Wines for Halloween: Spine-chilling Aperitifs 

Are you planning an easy aperitif and then some dancing? If so, you need to think not only about the “gloomy” decorations but also how you set up a space for finger food that is convenient for your guests. Ideally, you should have a large enough table (depending on how many recipes you want to impress your guests with) where there are plates, napkins, clean glasses and a few bottles ready to be opened, preferably kept chilled in ice or using a glacette.

Spine-Chilling Aperitifs: “Monstrous” Finger Food and Sparkling Wine

For a Halloween aperitif that’s to die for, a bubbly like 7PM BLANC is an absolute must! The party starts the moment you pop open the cork. It is smooth, fresh and tangy and can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with friends late at night. For foodies with an eye for detail, you can devise a themed menu consisting of “monstrous” finger food, such as puff pastry fingers and frankfurters, goat cheese canapés and “spooky” sliced bread... Do a little research and unleash your imagination. You will find plenty of ideas for spooky, mouth-watering finger foods online.

Wines for Halloween: Candlelight Dinners

To create that “crypt” effect while maintaining a chic look, nothing beats using candles. Light lots of them and place them strategically in corners (as well as on the table, of course) to create a warm, subdued atmosphere. If you can place a few mirrors in the room as well, the look will be truly enchanting, as the reflections of light have a Versailles-like charm that is impressive even today. 
You may also want to devise some group games to play between courses or perhaps at the end of dinner, with a small prize for the winners – or, even better, a mini treasure hunt (if your home can accommodate it).

Candlelight Dinners: The Menu is Equally Important

Candles are mesmerising and your guests are sure to love them. But if you want it to be a memorable dinner for their taste buds too, you will need to come up with a balanced Halloween menu. You could go for the classic pumpkin and prepare a risotto or a delicate soup, but if you want something a bit different, then why not try a hearty meat dish? A crusted roast or a nice thick salmi would be the ideal choice, to be enjoyed exclusively with an intense and full-bodied BARBARESCO DOCG.

Whatever mood you want your party to have, the important thing is to open the right bottle in the company of others. This will ensure that your evening is a success. We at Giordano are always here to advise you on how to make the perfect toast!