The perfect wines for a seductive Valentine’s Day

Which are the best wines to uncork for a sensual and seductive Valentine’s Day celebration: here's our Top 7! Which is your favourite?

The perfect wines for a seductive Valentine's Day

Date of publication: 02/02/2017

It isn’t just the location that makes an evening special. The backdrop is important, but it is that which is happening in the foreground that captures attention. If there is no harmony, if correspondence is missing, all the rest becomes mere pretence. What can make a truly special Valentine’s Day? First things first, make sure you spend it with the right person. Then choose a dream setting to celebrate. And finally, allow yourself the best wines to nourish passion.

7 wines for a passionate Valentine’s Day

1.Pinot Rosé Spumante

Pinot Rosé, vino e seduzione

Fine and lasting bubbles, an unusual colour, and a lively spirit: the Pinot Rosé is never out of place, but always at the centre of the party. Toast with a Pinot Rosé if you want a fresh and captivating aperitif: the seduction will begin with its irresistible scents!

2.Brunella Rosé

Brunella Rosé, vino e seduzione

A lover of wines does not stop at classic labels: the pleasure of discovering new ones should encourage one to dare. And so, as in love, dare! It has undertones similar to the Pinot Rosé, but the experience is unique. The Brunella Rosé conquers at first sight with a colour full of unusual effects, and then delights the palate with a lively taste containing many fruity and perfumed notes. Let yourself be enchanted by a unique wine, spend your Valentine’s Day in rosé!

3.Asti Spumante

Asti Spumante, vino e seduzione

All over the world Asti Spumante speaks the language of the most exclusive parties. A bottle of Asti Spumante is not uncorked: it is set free! Its subtle song enlivens the play of glances, smiles and reciprocal attention, while fingers brush against the base of the glasses. The delicacy of Asti evokes the sweetness of Moscato, and it is rendered even more intriguing by its sparkling character.


Cortese, vino e seduzione

The charm of a delicate and richly perfumed white: Cortese is the perfect wine for a refined and elegant Valentine’s Day. It has all the strength of our farm-lands, an energetic character, an inviting beauty nurtured by precious effects. It can be the extra weapon for ensuring that reason gives way to the intoxicating sensations of courtship…


Dolcetto, vino e seduzione

The town of Alba (Piedmont) loves it, and the Dolcetto reciprocates, reserving in every bottle a heart with an honest and provocative taste. Serve it in a glass and allow yourself to be cradled by the sensations that it evokes: Dolcetto is harmony, a perfect balance between body and structure, a warm and enveloping embrace. Be inspired by the most intimate notes of Dolcetto, allow the harmony to develop: forget the everyday, and live an extraordinary Valentine’s Day.

6. Chianti DOCG

Chianti, vino e seduzione

When you arrive at the heart of the meal, when flavours have established themselves and the pleasure of good eating becomes the absolute protagonist, it is time to make space for a champion. A Chianti, a sincere and impassioned tribute from our winemakers to one of the most representative labels of Italian wine in the world, a full and vigorous wine that warms the heart and accompanies it down the paths of passion.


Fragolino, vino e seduzione

This is not simply a wine but a delicious nectar that skilfully couples the delicate sugary juice of strawberries with the sparkling character of a pleasingly young wine. Enjoy a fruit-based dessert accompanied by a glass of Fragolino: a delicate touch, an irresistible reawakening for the senses.

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