The stars are coming

Our team of top players, for toasts that make a show

The stars are coming

Date of publication: 01/06/2021

Yes, we too have our team of champions, those who are always liked and never tire. Maybe it's because they are the endless classics of your lunches or maybe it's because you just can't give up that after-dinner glass, the fact is that these wines have scored a goal within your heart and every time you drink them it is a spectacle.

From reds to whites, including bubbles, our top players take the field. There's no need for choruses here, just get your glasses out and get ready for a double (or even triple) cheers!


Samples in red: the certainty for your barbecues

Saturday evening, barbecue on the terrace and a desire to feel good. What's missing? A good red, and here you have three to play with. When the whistle blows, uncork Andrea Vino Rosso, because it's the kind of wine that never disappoints and gets the evening off to a great start (and keeps it going even better). The highlight of the dinner calls for a Chianti DOCG Selvato on the table, a unique and surprising wine made from Sangiovese and Canaiolo grapes. In other words, a true champion, especially when accompanied by tasty pork ribs. To end the evening on a high note, play with an Appassimento Rosso and treat yourself to a final sip of pleasure: passionate and strong, like the land from which it originates, it will decide the evening's fate. Usually, he comes out on top, even winning a second goblet...


A winning team... in elegance

Certainly one of the characteristics of white wines is their elegance and refinement, together with aromas tending towards the floral and white-fleshed fruit. Among our labels, the ones that take the podium in this sense are certainly three: the Chardonnay Salento Pizzicanto, fruity and bold, whose name is reminiscent of the twisting moves of the traditional Apulian dance; and then Giulia Bianco d'Italia, fresher and gentler, with a mineral note that conquers the palate (especially if the menu includes crudités or exotic sushi). When it comes to aromaticity, the champion can only be the Müller Thurgau "Vigneti delle Dolomiti", a Trentino wine with a crisp vitality and an unmistakable aromatic richness. With this wine there is no doubt about it, if it is on the table you have to call in extra help ( to cheer).

Effervescence from offside

Yes, when the going gets tough... bubbles take to the field and play! Because everyone knows how to make an aperitif, but doing it the right way is no mean feat. Thankfully, the champions of Perlage know what they're doing and give the right boost to every cheer. It is impossible not to give in to a glass of Prosecco Rosé with its seductive antique pink and powdery colour: its fresh and fruity bouquet, with those veiled tannins and interesting aromatic complexity, make it the undisputed winner in the derby with your baccalà mantecato. As for the Spumante Blanc de Blancs Dry, its talent lies in its versatility: perfect with aperitifs, excellent with fish and shellfish, and not above pairing with small pastries and desserts. There is also great support, especially on special occasions, for Prosecco Millesimato, a sparkling wine of exceptional taste and aroma, made from Glera grapes.


But with summer just around the corner, the ranking could also change, making way for new labels that are sure to get noticed for their original and thirst-quenching character. The MiVita Line, for example, is already on the right track...

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