Sea, mountain or lake? Whatever your destination, here are the wines to enjoy on holiday

Wherever you go, we have the right glassful for you.

Sea, mountain or lake? Whatever your destination, here are the wines to enjoy on holiday

Date of publication: 02/08/2022

Finally, the holidays are here! You need a moment of relaxation, where you can recover your energy, try out different dishes and, if possible, even taste some good wine. Are you a beach person or do you prefer the cool of the mountains? Perhaps you like to relax by the lake and take long walks. It doesn't matter: we have the right wines for every location and some suggestions that are a bit outside the box. Ready? Let's go!


Today we are breaking the usual rules a little and recommending wines from outside their territory. After all, when you are on holiday and want to enjoy the right glassful, it all depends on what you feel like eating. In general, with the heat rising, cool drinks are more appealing and summer is just the right season to enjoy easy-drinking whites, rosés and sparkling wines. That said, true red wine lovers never give up, even in extreme heat, and enjoy their full-bodied wine even in equatorial temperatures.
So let yourself be guided by the pairings: here you will find three wines for three different holiday destinations (and, above all, to be enjoyed with typical dishes). Let's get started!


Can you imagine yourself in Naples enjoying a plate of spaghetti with clams by the sea? Or perhaps on a terrace in Capri with a platter of raw fish and the breeze in your hair? For those who love holidays by the sea and, of course, also enjoy some Riviera dishes, our advice is to uncork a MÜLLER THURGAU IGT VIGNETI DELLE DOLOMITI.
From the Dolomites, this very fresh white comes down to the sea to bring you hints of flowers and notes of peach and apple: its delicate flavour is ideal for a fine dish of raw or grilled fish and with classic seaside starters. In short, a beach-loving mountaineer that goes perfectly with prawns, clams and salmon, but also with light, appetising aperitifs. Try it at between 10° and 12° and you'll love it!


Prefer to stay away from the beaches and enjoy the cool of mountain walks? If your favourite holiday destination is the mountains, you are bound to sample some robust dishes, despite the heat in the valley. After all, between the coolness of altitude and your post-hike appetite, it is easy to be tempted by more complex and well-seasoned dishes. Now is the time to uncork a full-bodied red, like the NERO D'AVOLA SICILIA DOC: a structured wine, rich in personality, elegant and velvety in flavour. You will perceive its delicate fragrance and hints of blackberry and currant: the pairing is easily a success! With game, it is at its best, but it also goes very well with soups and spicy dishes. Try it at a temperature of around 18° and you will see that, if you like to indulge in spices, this is definitely the right bottle.


Do you love strolling around the lake at sunset, perhaps stopping at some little restaurant to enjoy the view and sample some specialities? You absolutely must try the FALANGHINA CAMPANIA IGT: beautifully fresh and dry, you will note the scent of white flowers, aromatic herbs and citrus fruits. It goes very well with trout, perch and whitefish: as you may already know, this wine was born on the shores of Lake Garda and the particular terroir of the area gives it its character and freshness. You can serve it as early as the aperitif, at between 8° and 10°, followed by a savoury dish of perch and delicate vegetables: you will experience its full body. Try a glass as the sun sets over the water: it tastes even better when enjoyed overlooking the lake!

If, on the other hand, you are still at home in the cool and waiting for everyone to come back so you can enjoy your holiday more peacefully, let yourself be refreshed by Giordano Wines' selection! You're sure to find the right glassful to relax with, while waiting to pack your bags!