Organise your wine cellar like a pro: it's easy!

Here are your must-have wines and tips on how to set it up

Organise your wine cellar like a pro: it's easy!

Date of publication: 29/08/2022

If you are a true aficionado of fine wines, you'll definitely want to organise your own professional wine cellar at home – and nothing could be easier! Here you can find lots of useful tips on how to set it up (especially where) and which wines should definitely be included in order to be ready for any kind of celebration. Shall we get started?


Maybe you have an empty corner at home that could have a whole other kind of appeal... or do you have too many bottles to display? In any case, if you've been thinking for some time that a 'home-made' wine cellar is just what you need, here are a few useful tips to make every toast a success.

First off, be careful in choosing where to set up your 'corner of wonders': unfortunately the kitchen, living room or garage are not ideal environments. Why? The fact is that three fundamental aspects need to be taken into account:

  • the temperature, which should remain between 10-12 degrees, with no sudden changes that would quickly deteriorate the wine;
  • the humidity, which should be between 60-70% to allow the cork to expand sufficiently to protect the contents of the bottle well;
  • the lighting, which should be very low to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the wine, specifically to avoid overheating the bottle.

In short, a number of steps are necessary to choose the right room in which to house your collection of special labels. That empty corner in the kitchen, where you might imagine a hanging wine cellar, might not be the ideal place, but don't worry: if you have a basement or even a crawl space where you can store your special labels, you can organise a wine cellar like a pro. How? Here are some interesting ideas – let's get started!


To set up your personal wine cellar follow your tastes and, if you can, also the style of your home: here are some practical solutions for storing your best bottles with style and practicality.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer with good skills? Then this is the right moment to get to work: you can choose the wood you like best and... start designing! You could also make use of shelves you might already have, but keep in mind that wood is the best material because it does not transmit heat to the bottles, as metal would. 
The structure must also be very solid: if a shelf collapsed, that could cause a terrible domino effect for your collection (as well as a mess to clean up!).

If 'home-made' projects are not your thing, you can always choose a refrigerated wine cabinet: there are all kinds and sizes on the internet, so be sure to measure the space you have available. If you choose this kind of wine cabinet, be it large or small, you can also place it in that famous corner in the kitchen (which – who knows? – maybe you actually have) without worrying about temperature fluctuations. Obviously, it is very suitable for white wines and rosés, but not for red wines (which are rarely enjoyed at low temperatures). Of course, it would be a little more difficult to customise it, but you choose the solution you like best: after all, the important thing is raising a glass in good company, right?


Online you can find hundreds of creative ideas and plenty of inspiration to make your cellar truly 'yours'. Pinterest first and foremost, but also on We heart it and many other platforms where you can look for inspiration and then... let your imagination run wild!

For a touch of shabby chic you could recycle an old larder: with a coat of paint and some little decorations it could be transformed into a real bar cabinet with a mini-cellar included. Like the idea? Try looking for inspiration online and then get to work!

Speaking of bar corners: how about a tasting corner? You don't need a lot of space and it'll definitely surprise your guests; perhaps in the basement or cellar, you can set up a corner with a small wooden counter, or even just a high table with a couple of stools, and you're done. Impressive, don't you think?

You can experiment and design your professional wine cellar according to your personal style: the important thing is to create the right conditions not only for the wines, but also for relaxing toasts, enjoying each glass.


The ideal is always to have a good mix of labels, to be ready for every occasion: for example, a few good reds for aperitifs with cheese and cured meats or for barbecues. A few whites (still or sparkling, as you prefer) to accompany delicate dishes or – why not? – some tantalising rosés. Bubblies are always a must, and they can give even last-minute aperitifs a twist. Below we suggest some labels that will round out your cellar.

Among the reds for your cellar, we recommend a BONARDA DELL'OLTREPÒ PAVESE DOC "ETICHETTA ORO": excellent with soups, robust first courses and mature cheeses, it is an ace to keep up your sleeve. CABERNET SAUVIGNON is also a must-have for game dishes, but also for grilled meats and substantial first courses, so always better to stock up!

For a touch of freshness and versatility, it's always good to have a BIANCO TERRE SICILIANE IGT in the cellar; ideal with fish, cold dishes, delicate starters and vegetables. If, on the other hand, you are in the mood for an elegant rosé, choose the PIZZICANTO PRIMITIVO SALENTO ROSATO IGT and it will be an exceptional accompaniment to both traditional Apulian dishes and sushi (practically, a trip around the world in one sip!).

It might seem obvious, but keeping a PROSECCO DOC chilled at all times is a must: very versatile, it can accompany you from aperitif to dessert. For a slightly pop party atmosphere, however, chill the 7PM BLANC, the sparkling wine that says 'Party' with every sip.

Hopefully you will soon be able to create your own professional wine cellar, but in the meantime, take a tour of Giordano's labels: you might just find the one gem that's missing from your shelf!

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