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How do you recognise a good wine?

All the secrets to toasting like an expert

How do you recognise a good wine?

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We know that a winelover like you never misses an opportunity to raise his glass and, above all, to drink well. How do you recognise a good wine, though? Don't worry, this is not an interrogation! We just want to give you a few tips for tasting your favourite wines like a true connoisseur: shall we start?


How to recognise a good wine: the aroma


Inhaling the aroma of wine is a magical moment, don't you think? Pour it into your glass, bring it close to your nose and close your eyes... Just by starting with the aromas, you can begin to gather clues about the quality of the wine. You have to consider two aspects:

  • if the aromas are clear, you will catch them even before you approach the glass to your nose;
  • if you struggle to distinguish the aromas, it means that the wine might be a little 'flat'.


Pause a few moments to reflect on the scents you have smelt: do you like them? Do they seem harmonious? Do you find them pleasant? If the answer is yes, it is very likely that you have a good wine on your hands.


Trust your sense of smell: certain scents clearly indicate whether a wine is good or not. For example: sensations of flowers and fruit, hints of spices are all good scents (as you can imagine, they must be harmonious and balanced).


When the smells are less pleasant, such as sour fruit or wet rags (you won't believe it, but these smells are the most common when talking about a wine with defects), then the glass in front of you is likely to be discarded.

How do you recognise a good wine

How to recognise a good wine: taste

Finally, here we go: it is time to taste the wine. If you have uncorked a white, you may perceive a very pleasant sensation of freshness, together with some acidulous notes. When you sip a good white, such as the GRILLO SICILIA DOC BIOLOGICO, you will immediately perceive a balanced, clean, flowing flavour. This label in particular will give you floral notes that never tire, because they are accompanied by the right acidity: this is what is meant by a balanced flavour! One glass leads to another, it's inevitable....


In an intense red, on the other hand, you might perceive flavours such as cherry, violet, plum and even, if it is a slightly aged wine, some hints of spices and wood. The bottle that perfectly reflects these sensations on the palate is the NEBBIOLO LANGHE DOC, ideal if you want to surprise your friends with a small tasting of mature and blue cheeses or, perhaps, cured meats. Pairing it with the right food, of course, is also fundamental to enhance the flavours and finish of the glass you are sipping.

A rosé, on the other hand, can hold many surprises in store for you (both while you enjoy its aromas and on the palate): if you uncork a fresh and sparkling one like DORALUNA, you will appreciate all those hints of delicate flowers and fruit that can accompany you from aperitif time until the wee hours of the morning. Yes, because rosé is not only very pleasant to taste, but is also usually so versatile that it goes well with fish, white meats, cheeses and lightly seasoned cold meats. In short, a 'must' to keep in the fridge for all occasions, just in case.

How do you recognise a good wine

How to recognise a good wine: persistence


Here is a fundamental concept for fully understanding whether a wine is really good or not: persistence. As is the case with even the most sophisticated dishes, the sensation that remains in your mouth after tasting is fundamental in drawing the imaginary line (that every good winelover must have in mind) that separates a mediocre wine from a memorable one. If the taste of a wine 'disappears' after a few moments, chances are that it is not a great glass to offer to friends... or even to enjoy on a relaxing evening!


Now that we have given you a few tips for enjoying wine like a true expert, all you have to do is stock up on Giordano and call your friends: you will see that they will be surprised by your knowledge as a true wine lover!