Holidays in Italy? Five destinations to discover (and five wines to toast the trip)

Summer is holiday time, so if you are looking for out-of-the-ordinary holiday ideas, here are five Italian resorts you should visit (and five wines to toast the trip)

Holidays in Italy? Five destinations to discover (and five wines to toast the trip)

Date of publication: 02/07/2019

Italy is a country full of wonderful places to discover: not only enchanting cities brimful with art, breathtaking coastlines, and fairytale landscapes, but also little towns which will delight the eye of every traveller. Why not arrange a little holiday to discover one of these wonderful destinations? Here are our 5 tips for unforgettable holidays in the heart of Italy, and 5 wines to toast your next trip.

Five dream destinations in Italy (and five wines to toast the trip)

1 Marzamemi

Marzamemi, piccolo angolo di paradiso in sicilia

Just two kilometres from Pachino, in the province of Siracusa, Marzamemi is an ancient fishing village, famous for its tuna fishery and the romantic views it offers travellers. There are some images that lodge themselves in your heart: the terraces overlooking the sea at Marzamemi are among them – glimpses of magical landscapes, which take you into a different, evocative and overwhelming world.

Well worth a visit is Marzamemi's 'tonnara' or tuna fishery, a place that thoroughly represents the soul of the town. It would be impossible to pass up a taste of the local 'bottarga' (roe), and 'ventresca' (belly) of bluefin tuna: two delights with inimitable flavour.

Heading for Marzamemi? Uncork a Bianco Terre Siciliane IGT: the cool charms of the Mediterranean will prepare your heart for the magic that awaits you!

2 Capri

Capri, una destinazione VIP

Capri is a dream for many tourists from all over the world: located in the Gulf of Naples, it is a small island, but embellished with endless things to do and see. The Blue Grotto is a place suspended between reality and fairy tale, and is a must-see for visitors. A trip around the island by sea allows you to admire its skylines and sights, while a tour of Via Camerelle is a must if you would like to do some shopping in the alleys of Capri. From the Gardens of Augustus, you can take the typical photos with the Faraglioni sea stacks in the background – it's obligatory!

And as Capri is a symbol of the Italy you should discover, to her we dedicate a toast with a wine that encapsulates the spirit of the best whites: our Imperante Vino Bianco d’Italia.

3 Bellagio

Bellagio, vivere una fiaba sulle sponde del lago di Como

Lake Como has long enchanted stars of international fame, and each year it attracts tourists and the curious who venture out in search of the unique landscape that surrounds it. Among the many places to visit, Bellagio is certainly one of the most fascinating. A visit to the villas of the area is recommended: beautiful gardens and wonderful architecture surround visitors in relaxing and colourful locations, a stone's throw from the lake. And just by the lake, one can have an overview of Bellagio and the towns that surround it. A little cruise between the islands and the shore is a good way to spend some time during this holiday!

Open a Loris Vino Rosato if you really want to prepare for this holiday: fresh and full of personality, it is a rosé brimming with charm and promises of enjoyment!

4 Malcesine

Malcesine si specchia nelle acque quiete del lago di Garda

We move to Lake Garda: Malcesine is a small resort on its shores, and offers different scenery and natural sights which complement those of Lake Como. Sports activities such as sailing or trekking on Mount Baldo, visits to the Scaligero Castle and the Torre Rossa: there are many delights to discover in this village – it would be a shame not to stay for a few days!

Get ready to visit this country, full of offerings for visitors: Malcesine's verve is well represented by Prosecco, so uncork some to prepare for this trip!

5 Civita di Bagnoregio

Civita di Bagnoregio è un viaggio nel tempo

Located in upper Lazio, on the border with Umbria, Civita di Bagnoregio is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: just look at its skyline from afar to understand why! A magical atmosphere pervades its narrow alleys which climb along steep slopes, drawing a lattice pattern that seems to belong to a time many centuries ago. A village out of time, with its wonderful Belvedere which provides visitors with a marvellous panorama. Visit the beautiful noble palaces, a legacy of an aristocratic past that over time has sculpted the form and character of this town. A place to relax and rediscover the rhythms of an older, pleasantly rejuvenating time.

To Civita di Bagnoregio, we dedicate our Castelli Romani Bianco: a versatile wine with unique charms, the result of an ancient tradition. The best white wine for a toast to this holiday in another world!

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