Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday: how to buy the right wine at the right moment!

Overwhelmed by the many offers available on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, anyone might run the risk of losing out on the best discounts. Don’t worry: with our guide the best wine offers will always be kept under control!

Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday: how to buy the right wine at the right moment!

Date of publication: 19/11/2018

And not just on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday: there will be an uninterrupted flow of discounts for the whole week; there will be different and interesting offers every day.

Let's face it: we will be submerged in a the sea of ​​promotions, each one of which is more interesting than that which preceded it. Tech items, clothing, music and, last but not least, wine - the object of passion for many.

Want to take advantage of this week's convenience but don’t know how to juggle the thousands of offers we’ll receive? Simple: follow a simple but authoritative guide such as ... ours!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: a Guide to choosing the right wine at the right moment.

Don’t panic

Don't Panic: con la Black Week Giordano ci sarà tempo per approfittare di ogni offerta

Whoever stops is lost, but whoever runs is ... lost too! Black Week has just begun and there will be unmissable discounts every day. Look around, take notes and decide on which wines to invest. Speaking of which...


Fissa un budget per la black week Giordano... e preparati a metterlo da parte

Set a spending budget and try to stay within that amount. This may not be as easy as it seems: there will be a great many temptations on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Going over budget is envisaged... in some cases exceeding the initial budget is the best way to save money!

Choose an accomplice

Trova un complice per non perdere nemmeno un'offerta durante il Black Friday Giordano

Distractions, daily life, commitments and carelessness can be expensive - especially when prices are low and convenient for a limited period of time. How to overcome this problem? Choose an accomplice! Four eyes are better than two and, having established a list of what you are interested in, share the task of monitoring the offers with him (or her).

Put your radar on

Attiva il Radar: newsletter, social e sito sono lì per fornirti info su tutte le offerte!

Certain tools can be very useful for receiving information promptly. For example, subscribe to your favourite site’s newsletter. Let's say you want to take full advantage of your favourite wines. What to do? Simply subscribe to the website and you're done.

Another profitable strategy: follow the Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter Giordano pages to receive constant updates and discover new offers in real time. Not only that: through social media you will have a direct line to us; you can ask for information, clarification or further information about wines and specialties that interest you.

To avoid queues, don’t queue

Evita le code in negozio con lo Shopping Online

Goes without saying, right? This isn’t rocket science: choose to shop online and queues will be a distant memory! Relaxed shopping that is in line with your time and your preferences, is completely safe and is ... comfortable! Nobody would fault you for conducting your business from the sofa - on the contrary.

Give control to the Santa Claus in you

Sfrutta il Black Friday per i tuoi regali di Natale

Worn out by Christmas shopping? Revive yourself with a series of irresistible discounts, resounding offers and great convenience. If you have a list of gifts to get through, this will be even more enjoyable!

Choose the wines you like for yourself or for the people who make your life special - and save money. Take a look at the Gift Ideas category, or the Promotional items. You'll see, drinking well will be much cheaper than you think!

Imagine how rich your cellar will be

Immagina come sarà la tua Cantina!

If wine is your passion, try to imagine the pleasure of going down (even figuratively!) to the cellar. From the bottles that make up your collection you choose a bottle to bring to the table. Well aware that your chosen wine will not betray you, imagine the pride with which you show your oenological treasure, and the pleasure you have in giving a toast on festive occasions! Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are also useful occasions for refueling your passions, with a part of your shopping budget set aside for this alone.

Don’t fret over Black Friday offers ...

Un Black Friday tutto da bere con Giordano Vini

There’s Cyber ​​Monday too! On our site, then, you’ll find a whole week of absolute convenience. Take advantage of the offers, don’t put it off too long and don’t limit yourself to just one purchase. If you stay within budget, divide the available capital between several purchases: this will help prevent disappointments if you wait too long ... and find yourself holding out for an offer that is no longer available!

And don’t forget Cyber ​​Monday!

Cyber Monday Giiordano

See the previous point. Has today's wine convinced you? Make a first purchase: but remember, Cyber ​​Monday may have some surprises in store for you! When you entrust yourself to those who produce wine, like us, you know you will find great quality products; at this point personal taste, necessity and a thousand other factors take over.

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