Five things that (perhaps) you didn't know about Castelli Romani Bianco DOC

A wine loved and appreciated far beyond its national borders, Castelli Romani DOC White has won the hearts of many enthusiasts. Here are some facts to help you to get to know it better.

Five things that (perhaps) you didn't know about Castelli Romani Bianco DOC

Date of publication: 18/06/2019

Say 'Castelli Romani', and immediately the imagination takes you into magnificent landscapes, along the streets of ancient villages dominated by the outlines of medieval structures. A territory rich in history and wonders, which is also home to wines of great traditions, well known and highly appreciated throughout both Italy and the world. Sometimes it is precisely what we have under our noses every day that we overlook – and that's exactly what happens with Castelli Romani Bianco DOC, a wine that deserves the limelight!

Here are five things you (perhaps) still don't know about Castelli Romani Bianco DOC.

Five facts about Castelli Romani Bianco DOC

1 An ancient tradition

Nei Castelli Romani far vino è una tradizione antica... e casalinga

Castelli Romani wine is a long-standing tradition in Lazio, so much so that for many years it was easy to find artisan production of this type of wine. It was not uncommon to find small and very small producers, who made the wine at home (or in the garage) and then sold it at very popular prices. This widespread distribution of a product of often unreliable quality helped to make life difficult for Castelli Romani DOC; even though for years it has deserved an important reputation and recognition for quality. Today, the product that bears the name Castelli Romani label is of a high standard... and the garage is only used for storing it!

2 Why Castelli Romani?

Castelli Romani, zona un tempo sede di residenze nobiliari

The reason for the name Castelli Romani (Roman Castles) is obvious: because watching over the land of its production, from town to town, were noble residences. Although, unfortunately, many of these buildings have been destroyed, tangible evidence of an important feudal past remains. Just as nobility was inherited in aristocratic families, today it is handed down among these wines of royal lineage!

3 Beloved abroad

Oltreconfine il Castelli Romani DOC è un vino dal successo strepitoso

Paradox of paradoxes: Castelli Romani DOC is much loved and highly sought after abroad – practically as soon as it leaves the borders of Lazio – while at home it still suffers from a poor reputation.

4 A fragile treasure of a wine

Castelli Romani DOC Bianco

Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes form the heart of this denomination: these varieties with their expressive fruits, full of suggestions and aromas, are precious but at the same time fragile. They are especially sensitive to climatic conditions, and a particularly dry summer can negatively affect the quality of the harvest. To guard against this requires the adoption of innumerable little strategies to give relief to the vines, especially in complex vintages. In fact, whenever you drink a glass, behind the unique taste there are countless challenges that have been won, and in the unmatched quality of Castelli Romani DOC lie a commitment and a passion that have no equal.

5 Grand pairings

Abbinamenti di gran classe con il Castelli Romani DOC Bianco

A wine, paired with the right dish, will enhance the unique characteristics of that dish. In the case of Castelli Romani DOC, fish dishes are the ideal combination. Appetisers, first courses and dishes with the scent of the sea find in this white an effective and expressive pairing; versatile and capable of completing a true gourmet alchemy of flavours at the table. Some examples: spiced and savoury Gamberoni alla catalana (Catalan-style prawns); or traditional appetisers such as Bagnet verd (green sauce) from Piedmont. With Bianchetti alla giudea (fried whitebait), an appetising 'Made in Lazio' dish, it finds a delicious combination without leaving home!