Discover the most beautiful villages in Italy on Easter Sunday and Monday

Give yourself a few days to discover the most beautiful parts of Italy at Easter this year. We have three destinations in mind: Veneto, Tuscany and Puglia.

Date of publication: 04/04/2017

Easter Sunday and Monday present an excellent opportunity to escape from everyday life for a while: why not organise a weekend completely dedicated to discovering Italy's hidden gems? Here are three dream holiday destinations!



From the top of the Dolomites to the sea that surrounds and encompasses Venice, Veneto offers a wide range of possibilities for those who want a holiday full of history, beautiful landscapes and inviting food and wine specialties. We have chosen a special destination for your Easter break: Burano!

Burano, the island of a thousand colours

Located in the Northern Venetian Lagoon, Burano is an island of about 3000 inhabitants. It's love at first sight: its lanes connect an infinite sequence of brightly coloured houses and its fairy tale views remain etched into the hearts and minds of all those who visit this enchanting place.

To see

In the small square of Burano the Lace Museum offers a comprehensive collection of embroideries made by the islanders, real works of art produced by the skilled hands of Venetian lace makers. Don't miss out the House of Bepi Suà (also known as "Bepi delle caramelle") either: the facade is a riot of colour! In fact, all the colours of the rainbow are present, with geometric shapes each of a different colour.

To eat

Try Bussolà, a sweet typical of the island. Rich in real nutrients, this specialty was the meal once eaten by fishermen during their long days out at sea. Today it is an Easter specialty: what better time to taste it!

Veneto... in a bottle

Start to savour the best of Venetian food and wine traditions right away: we have prepared an exclusive, complete and intriguing collection. With the Irresistible Veneto! pack you will have a taste of the best wines from this enchanting region: Soave, Merlot Cabernet and Prosecco are waiting for you to put the best that Veneto has to offer on the table!



Tuscany is home to the Arts and breath-taking scenery, the land that gave birth to historical figures of international renown and a treasure trove of food which is both rich and rustic. Florence, Siena, Viareggio, Pisa and many other worlds to explore: make the most of the Easter holidays to discover...

Pitigliano, the city of tuff rock

The village of Pitigliano is a small miracle of ancient architecture. Beginning as a Roman settlement, in the Middle Ages it took on the characteristics which continue to render it magical today: entirely built on a volcanic outcrop, it looks like a gem set in a precious ring. An air of the past blows through the streets of Pitigliano. Narrow passages are dominated by the smell of wood burning in fireplaces.


To see

The Jewish Ghetto, in a tiny neighbourhood called Little Jerusalem, with its quaint buildings and shops that churn out perfumed unleavened bread, is a must-see place. Both the Ponte ad Arco bridge which leads into the city and the Mediceo Aqueduct are majestic. Wandering through the streets in the centre in the afternoon and coming across the inhabitants of the city of tuff rock sitting in front of their houses deep in conversation with their neighbours is a relaxing journey into a different world where time is marked by relaxed rhythms and ancient rites.

To eat

The sweet typical of Pitigliano is the "Sfratto." The thin pastry contains a mixture of honey, orange peel, nutmeg, anise and nuts. It has an elongated shape, similar to a stick: it is said that it was born in the Jewish Ghetto to remember the edict of Cosimo II de 'Medici, who in the eighteenth century ordered the Jews of the area to leave their homes and move into the ghetto of Pitigliano. To initiate this forced relocation, the messengers knocked at the doors of Jewish homes with a stick.

Tuscany... to taste

Your pantry may be the first stop of your trip to Tuscany: choose the Taste of Tuscany collection for a selection of local products, smells and flavours of the regional cuisine. Don't miss the Chianti, undisputed leader in the world of wine, and the more delicate Toscana Bianco Fiori Chiari. If you are accustomed to excellence, you will love Tuscany!



From the wooded Gargano to the beautiful coast of Salento, Puglia is a fascinating destination full of possibilities tailored to the needs of all travellers. Nature provides spectacular blooms and the best climate for busy days spent outdoors or else for you to be enchanted by the treasures of a land of ancient history.

Alberobello, the magic of trullo houses

Alberobello is a small village, perfect for exploring on foot. Escape from the stress of driving: leave your car outside the town and immerse yourself in this village suspended in time and space. The trulli, the traditional dry stone buildings characterised by their white colour and conical roofs, follow one another along steep climbs and set the boundaries of small vibrant neighbourhoods full of local small enterprises.


To see

Visit the beautiful Church of St. Anthony, a real trullo church built in 1927 in the Rione Monti. The Sovrano Trullo, at Aia Piccola, is impressive. It is the only one with two floors and the Museo del Territorio, with its rich collection of objects that tell the story of this charming urban centre, is located inside. A view from the Belvedere of Alberobello will make your exhaustion worth it: the view it offers is simply unique!

To eat

Try the Polipetti in Pignata, octopus cooked in a pot with chilli, oil, onion and tomato. A hearty and tasty dish, cooked slowly to intensify the scents of the earth and the sea: the perfect synthesis of the two souls of Puglia!

Puglia... to taste

The marriage of tomato with basil transforms a plate of orecchiette pasta into a masterpiece of Italian cuisine. Our Taste of Apulia regional collection is the perfect way to get in tune with the best traditional products: 4 tasty specialties, 12 unique wines, from the Fiano to the Puglia Sangiovese, all to help you to best prepare yourself to dive into the colours and wonders of a region made of sunshine and smiles.

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