Five Perfect Gifts for a Wine Lover

Christmas is coming: what are the perfect gifts for a Wine Lover? Here are our tips for getting them all right.

Five Perfect Gifts for a Wine Lover

Date of publication: 04/12/2019

The tree is decorated, lights colour the cities and carols begin to fill the streets. What are the perfect gifts for a Wine Lover, the ones that warm the heart of the most dedicated aficionado? We have put together a definitive list, so you can prepare to experience a Christmas fit for a connoisseur.

Christmas for Wine Lovers: five perfect gifts


Idee Regalo per un Natale da Wine Lover: Bicchieri da Vino

Walid Richa and Moussa Zakharia, two engineers of Lebanese origin, created a record-breaking wine glass: 2.40 metres high with a diameter of 1.65 metres. To impress a Wine Lover you don't have to gift this giant! Wine glasses are a great gift for those who have a passion for wine: they are designed to enhance the sensory characteristics of our favourites, made of crystal or transparent glass to allow us to admire their colour and reflections.


Idee Regalo per un Natale da Wine Lover: Cavatappi

A 19th-century corkscrew, the Japanned Thomson model, was sold at auction for the incredible price of $23,000. Not a bad gift... but certainly not for all pockets! Choosing a good corkscrew does not mean mortgaging the house: there are all sorts of quality models: lever, automatic, wall-mounted – all of which will make a connoisseur happy.


Idee Regalo per un Natale da Wine Lover: Decanter

The ancient Romans served wine in metal jugs of various shapes; some elaborate, some less so. The custom has remained until more recent times, with monarchs often searching for luxurious containers to give their table a touch of unique style. Today it is no longer necessary to show off gold Decanters to impress a connoisseur – don't worry, it's enough to choose one of good quality!

Wine Set

Idee Regalo per un Natale da Wine Lover: Set Vino

In ancient Greece no one needed a wine set: aristocrats consumed rivers of it during banquets, and all they needed was a decorated vase from which to serve the drink and enough cups for the guests. No corkscrew, no thermometer, no stopper and no aerator. Today things have changed a bit: a nice wine set with the right accessories can really be the ideal gift for a Wine Lover.

Wine Cabinet

Idee Regalo per un Natale da Wine Lover: Cantinetta

The world's largest wine cellar is located in Mileştii Mici, Moldova, a small town less than 20km from the capital Chișinău. It houses a splendid two million bottles. Quite a job to keep them organised! If your enthusiast friend doesn't need to store such a large number of bottles, a wine cabinet can really be the idea that saves Christmas for you (and him).

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