The peninsula of the famous

Journey among the most celebrated wines of Italy

The peninsula of the famous

Date of publication: 09/05/2022

It's well known: Italy is a country of saints, poets and ... wine drinkers Wherever you go, from South Tyrol to Pantelleria, there is a choice vineyard and at least one wine that is the pride of the area. Today we take you on a journey from north to south to discover the 8 leading wines of Italy.


Nebbiolo in Piedmont

If there is a land of wine that has its own undisputed king it's Piedmont. And Nebbiolo is the king Some of the most precious DOC and DOCG wines in Italy and in the world are produced from it: Barolo and Barbaresco, of course, and then Roero and the so-called Nebbioli of the North, such as Boca, Bramaterra, Carema, Ghemme, and Gattinara. But the Langhe is the right place to start: try it in this version and you will understand why it is king here.


Prosecco in Veneto

What about the most loved and most exported wine in Italy? There is probably nothing to say about it that is not already known. Even in its most recent pink version confirmed its explosive strength: from the aperitif down (especially in the brut version ) it is now one of the symbols of Italian know-how in the world. Try it in this rosé livery.


Lambrusco in Emilia

In these parts, they say that if at least once in your life you have not accompanied a tigella with a glass of bright red you have not known happiness. And you certainly can't blame them: Lambrusco is one of Italy's best-loved wines, enjoyed by everyone from the most demanding connoisseurs to those with the most easy-going palates. Discover it here.


Sangiovese in Tuscany

Sangiovese is to Tuscany as Nebbiolo is to Piedmont. Perhaps it is an oversimplification, but the comparison holds: speaking of wine, much of what is great in Tuscany comes from this grape variety that is noble and versatile like few others. A very modern classic to try here, for example.


Montepulciano in Abruzzo

Determined, straight, uncompromising, yet seductive and even cerebral. Montepulciano is like this, and in recent years it has experienced a rebirth (at home and abroad) that has made it one of the Italian best sellers among even the most demanding connoisseurs. A wine that you either love or love, you have no other options. Here it is.


Vermentino in Sardinia

If you want to take a trip to the island, you have two options: either go there or have a glass of Vermentino. A wine so intimately linked to its land that it almost amounts to the same thing. It tastes of the Mediterranean, of summer, of sun and salt, with nuances that render it inimitable. Discover it here..


Primitivo in Puglia

Heat, heat, and more heat. If this is what you are looking for in a wine (and in a trip), Puglia is your destination, and this is your bottle. To drink strictly with friends while talking about holidays and dreaming of sunsets over the sea. And then put on a Notte della Taranta playlist ...


Grillo in Sicily

Considered by many to be an easy wine, it contains the secret of immortality: never tires. Perfect with fish, indispensable during a happy hour, just naming it puts a smile on your face. Try it in this organic version which exalts all its fruity scents.

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