Easter: which wines to pair with traditional meat dishes?

The best wines to accompany typical recipes

Easter: which wines to pair with traditional meat dishes?

Date of publication: 04/03/2024

Every year at Easter, tradition dictates that people gather with loved ones to enjoy a grand convivial lunch, savoring the symbolic dishes of this occasion: not only lamb or kid goat, but also rabbit. After all the work in the kitchen, it's crucial to know which wines to pair with traditional Easter meat dishes to fully appreciate the pleasures of the meal.

Red wines to pair with lamb, a tradition symbol:

Consuming lamb or kid goat at Easter is a meaningful ritual for many families, especially since it's a type of meat widely used in Italian cuisine, being light, hearty, flavorful, and digestible. For a successful wine and lamb pairing, it's advisable to choose a wine with moderate structure, not overly tannic, and with freshness, so as not to overpower the delicate flavor and succulence of the meat. Some examples of wines that perfectly accompany lamb and kid goat are the Exclusive Gold Label Puglia IGT Red or the Cannonau di Sardegna DOC.

With braised lamb, the ideal pairing is Selvato Chianti DOCG, while with lamb chops with aromatic herbs, a good Barbera or Amarone della Valpolicella, thanks to their freshness and structure, are the ideal wines to accompany these meats.

Easter menu: what wine to pair with kid goat?

A highly appreciated second course of the Easter menu is roasted kid goat, whose meat is more tender and lean compared to lamb, becoming an excellent alternative for those who prefer a delicate and more distinctive taste. In this case too, the wines that will suit you are definitely Cannonau di Sardegna DOC and Chianti, but not only: also Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Merlot, and Exclusive Gold Label Nero di Troia IGT Puglia, with their great softness and harmonious and velvety taste, are the best labels to enhance the characteristics of kid goat meat.

Easter meat mains: pairing rabbit with the right wine

Easter meat mains are all savory and tasty, thanks to the careful selection of quality meats and their meticulous preparation. Lamb, kid goat, and rabbit meats are part of white meats, characterized by being low in fat and easily digestible, as well as succulent and enticing! Numerous red wines excellently accompany these dishes, allowing you to choose the red wine that pleases all diners! But what if you would like to opt for a white wine? No worries, white meats also shine with wines like Malvasia Bianca Puglia IGT and Fiano Puglia IGT, two whites with great personality, elegance, and persistence that excellently enhance rabbit, lamb, and kid goat dishes.

Now that you know all about the best wines to pair with Easter meat mains, don't be caught unprepared: you focus on the menu, let Giordano take care of the wines!

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