Easter and wine: the right label for every dish

Which glasses are perfect for traditional dishes?

Easter and wine: the right label for every dish

Date of publication: 13/03/2023


We are finally almost there: Easter is approaching and it brings with it the spring air, longer days and... The desire to organise the perfect lunch, of course! You can already smell the traditional delicacies, can't you? Don't worry, we'll tell you what to pour on the menu: we have lots of tips on how to pair the right glass with traditional dishes, are you curious?


Easter and wine: a tasty starter to get lunch off to a good start


Easter on Italian tables truly has a thousand nuances: from vitello tonnato to torta Pasqualina, via Casatiello and 'pizza di pasqua', there are many ways to start an Easter meal with a bang. A good tip for staying light and not immediately weighing down your guests' palates is to choose a very light and light-hearted wine, to be sipped chilled. A nice label to uncork with this first course could be PROSECCO DOC MILLESIMATO 2020 EXTRA DRY, perfect for whetting the appetite and not covering up the delicacy of the appetisers. You will see that, if you serve it nice and chilled, it will be the perfect glass to 'open the dances' of your gourmet lunch.


Easter and wine: traditional firsts that make everyone, but really everyone, happy!


The queen of Italian lunches, without a doubt, is pasta: from crespelle to cannelloni ricotta and spinach, from baked pasta to ravioli, a tasty first course cannot be missing from the table at such an important feast (yes, even when the heat starts to make itself felt). With such hearty and tasty courses, one can sip a CASTELLI ROMANI DOC WHITE COLLECTION: with its delicate aromas, it can accompany many dishes, but it goes particularly well with first courses precisely because it is not excessively 'intrusive' and creates delicious harmonies with filled pasta and sauces. In short, a label to always keep in the fridge, because it is so versatile that it can accompany you in so many culinary adventures.

Easter and Wine

Easter and wine: here comes the main course!


At last we have arrived at the 'main course' of your Easter lunch, the 'main course': an intense meat second course is not to be missed! We know what you were thinking: lamb cooked in a thousand ways, right? We can't blame you, though, there are plenty of alternatives for a traditional Easter main course: turkey, roast guinea fowl or veal... Every family, as we all know, has its own Sunday highlights and 'must-haves'. For vegetarian friends, however? Don't panic: a tasty 'veggie' alternative could be roasted tofu with sweet and sour onions, or a beautifully spiced celeriac baked in the oven, just like a roast. What to uncork with all these spectacular preparations? With a BARBERA D'ASTI DOCG PIEDMONT you certainly won't go wrong: a drinkable red wine with character, perfectly balanced in the mouth between acidity and softness. Perfect, therefore, to 'degrease' the palate a little after tasting robust meats and gravies.


Easter and wine: let's end on a high note with dessert


By now, by reading this, your mouth will be watering, we know! Before you rush off to have a snack, however, we would like to give you one more piece of advice to end your Easter lunch on a high note: you need a nice dessert! Even when it comes to traditional desserts, you are spoilt for choice: from the classic colomba to chocolate eggs, even almond paste lamb (very popular in southern Italy). To accompany the last course of the Easter lunch, you need a sweet bubbly, such as the MOSCATO SPUMANTE: its intense aroma together with its sweet notes make it the perfect finale to a truly memorable Easter lunch.


Now that we have recommended all the perfect glasses to accompany a classic Easter menu, start thinking about the menu and then run to Giordano's to stock up on wine, we are waiting for you!

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