All you need is... wine!

5 gifts for a sweet surprise

All you need is... wine!

Date of publication: 07/02/2022

Valentine's Day is upon us - are you desperately looking for a gift for your sweetheart? Focus on a unique and unforgettable experience this year and carve out a moment dedicated to just the two of you: create create the right atmosphere by choosing the most suitable bottle of wine to celebrate Valentine's Day in the right spirit.

So here are our 5 ideas for a sweet surprise!


Total relaxation at a spa

A spa day is always highly appreciated. The sauna, the beneficial effect of the thermal waters, that sense of peace and relaxation that makes you feel truly regenerated. For 360 ° pampering, try accompanying the experience with a glass of bubbles. By the way, have you ever tried the '900 Gran Giordano sparkling wine? A fresh brut with a very elegant perlage, characterized by strong fruity notes, including citrus. The ideal sparkling wine for an occasion that deserves to be celebrated with class.


Escape to the hills of Langhe

Another idea for a special gift could be a weekend away, perhaps in one of the most prestigious wine country areas. Langhe, located between the provinces of Asti and Cuneo, is an area particularly suited to the cultivation of vines. Langhe also produces a wide range of excellent gastronomic delicacies (not surprisingly, its hills are a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Give your love a few days in the Langhe and try the famous Barolo and Barbaresco, two fine reds of great depth.

A gift for connoisseurs

Through the distillation of the pomace of Nebbiolo grapes from Barolo, it is also possible to obtain a grappa with a full and unique taste - the Aged Grappa di Barolo. A real gem of Piedmont, this grappa offers the perfect end to a meal for those who love intense and spicy flavours. Its amber colour is due to its ageing in wood, which also gives it its characteristic vanilla scents. In the mouth it is dry and clean: the good connoisseur will appreciate a gift like this.


"Green" Valentine's Day: a gift for the environment

For those who are attentive to sustainability and environmental issues, the choice for a Valentine's Day gift can only be an an organic wine that is, perhaps, accompanied by a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers or a decorative plant. By organic wine, we mean a wine produced following the principles of organic farming, which typically excludes the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Discover in our dedicated section all the reds and whites that are good for the environment and make a green toast!


Classic and timeless: a romantic dinner

Finally, it is impossible to celebrate Valentine's Day without a romantic dinner. It may be a classic, but simplicity always pays off. And you can find the same simplicity in our Lugana, a fresh and fragrant white that comes from the shores of Lake Garda. The inviting floral notes, together with an almond finish, create a pleasant and highly satisfying sip. The wine's versatility allows you to offer it from the appetizer to the second course: once it is placed on the table, you won't have to think about anything else.

Falling in love with it is very easy ...

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