Alessandra and Vissia’s favourite wines

Today we meet the most sparkling spirit of our wines: let’s make a toast with Alessandra and Vissia to a fabulous 2017 with the bubbles that adorn their table

Alessandra and Vissia's favourite wines

Date of publication: 02/03/2017

You have an important occasion to celebrate: you decided what to wear, you carefully prepared the menu, you have taken care of every detail. All that’s left is to choose the right wine, the last tile of an intricate mosaic. Daniela and Federica have already recommended their favourites to us: today let Alessandra and Vissia’s choices inspire you!

Alessandra’s wine

Per Alessandra è Valdobbiadene

"If I had to choose three wines, I would have no hesitation: Valdobbiadene, Valdobbiadene and Valdobbiadene! There is something about this Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG 2016 Millesimato that fascinates, persuades, engages and gives you moments of pure enjoyment. It's that extra ingredient that transforms a simple toast into an event to remember. Fragrant and heady, I love the Valdobbiadene because it reflects me: eclectic and full of energy!

I avoid traditional pairings; I prefer to challenge it with exotic combinations. So far it has not disappointed! I advise Sushi lovers to sip a glass during a Japanese dinner: it creates a magical alchemy, a synaesthesia that translates colours into flavours and aromas into unforgettable sensory experiences".

Vissia’s wine

Rosé Vino Spumante Millesimato 2015 per Vissia

“Why did I choose the Rosé Vino Spumante Millesimato 2015? I admit it: I have a weakness for bubbles! I love sparkling wines, for me they are an invitation to a party, an injection of joy. For a while now I have been starting to appreciate sparkling rosés too, and this Spumante Millesimato has really convinced me. I find that it lets a little springtime in: it has a mother-of-pearl colour, brilliant and rosy, you need only glance at it to know its lightness. The fragrances of freesias and magnolias that surround it recall the fresh scent of the first blooms of spring, so sudden and irresistible.

I love the bubbles and not just for aperitifs: I recently drunk this Rosé with one of my favourite dishes, full of the best suggestions of my beloved Sicily. Try it with some grilled tuna, seasoned with a delicate pesto of fresh ginger, parsley, lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil. It happens with wine, as it happens with people: just get close once and you can never part again!

I find this pairing absolutely irresistible: it might be the same for you!”

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