5 Summer Sparkling Wines for a bubbly August

In the garden, by the sea or in the countryside... Raise a glass with sparkling wines!

5 Summer Sparkling Wines for a bubbly August

Date of publication: 16/08/2022

August is just the right month for raising a glass with sparkling wines: fresh and delicious, sparkling wines offer that unmissable delightful touch to your celebrations. Whether you are still on holiday or have just returned from your adventures, today we offer you 5 sparkling wines to toast the summer that is not yet over (plus some ideas for fun evenings or sparkling lunches).


If you fancy a hippie-chic vibe for your lunch with friends, a table in the garden is the ideal choice. You only need a few flowers, a simple mise en place, and... the right sparkling wine, of course! 
Rosé Millesimato Extra Dry: fine, persistent, fresh, and intense, this wine will surprise you with its delicate notes of berries.  Serve it between 6° to 8° to enjoy its softness throughout the meal: pair it with fresh cheeses and raw vegetables, an elegant sushi dish, or even an intriguing dessert. Like all self-respecting sparkling wines, this one is more enjoyable with friends: raise your glasses and you will find out!


What could be better than a nice glass of wine while enjoying a beautiful view on a balmy evening? If you have a dinner on the terrace in mind, we have the right sparkling wines to make your evening really ... bubbly! 
Try the Blanc de Blancs in its Dry version: its chic black and gold label will make you feel like the Great Gatsby at one of his memorable parties. This elegant wine has a fine, vivid, and caressing perlage; it is fresh and dry on the palate, with hints of citrus. The wine gives the best of itself with shellfish soups but also with the richest cheese boards. And, if you want to bring a "Venetian touch" to the table, try it with sarde in saòr.  Serve it between 6° to 8° for a classy toast or for a late-night chat under the stars.


Do you like to enjoy good wine in the fresh air? Get out the picnic basket, dress comfortably, choose a quiet destination and... open the right bottle!
For your snack on the grass you could pour yourself a Prosecco DOC Millesimato Extra Dry: soft, lively, balanced, and harmonious, this wine will tantalize your palate with aromatic floral notes and hints of peach and apricot. A great wine for a picnic, it should be sipped at between 8 ° and 10 ° with cold appetizers and all fish dishes. How about preparing some nice tuna sandwiches or a marinated salmon dish, and then relaxing? Spread out the tablecloth, get comfortable, and … cheers!


Are you one of those who loves the beach and stays late to see the sun disappearing behind the waves? Then stay on for dinner: we have the right bottle for you!
Order a pizza and open the 7PM Rosè: a rose-coloured sunset together with a delicious Pizza Margherita is an ideal way to end a day at the beach. The wine’s elegant notes of small red fruits and its fine perlage are like a spark at sunset... A rosy sunset, of course! Sip it at between 8 ° and 10° to really enjoy it; if a pizza seems too heavy and you are thinking about a midnight dip, order sushi or some crudité for a really bubbly evening on the beach!


Would you like to beat the heat with the right sparkling wines? Organize an aperitif by the pool and we’ll take care of the wine! Just choose a swimsuit, call your friends and chill a few bottles of Extra Dry Onyx: you’ll know at the first sip that this wine is the soul of the party.  Fresh, soft and fruity, it is delicious with a few ice cubes added to your glass (don't be skeptical, go for it!). You’ll love this wine’s caressing, lively perlage and its notes of white pulp fruit, pear, and apple... In short, this wine says "Party" at every sip! Serve it between 6 ° and 8 ° with a few ice cubes and a platter of delicate cheeses, pretzels, and delicious canapés: voilà, your aperitif by the pool is ready! Make a toast and dive in!

We have recommended some sparkling wines for a truly bubbly August. However, if you want to be inspired by different labels than the ones we suggested here, take a look at the other sparkling wines offered by Giordano: you will surely find the right wine to make a toast with!

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