5 perfect wines to uncork in winter

Reds, even whites and bubbles to fight the cold

5 perfect wines to uncork in winter

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In winter, as we know, winelovers prefer to stay at home and sip a good glass: it may be the cold weather, it may be the desire to relax and recharge their batteries before spring... The fact is that dates at home (perhaps with friends) multiply. What do you sip in the cold months? Here are our tips so that you don't miss out on a single toast.


5 perfect wines for winter: aperitifs and film marathons


Does the cold weather never seem to end? No problem: you don't have to give up a tasty aperitif and your favourite wine, on the contrary! Call up your friends and organise a great aperitif at home: platters of cold meats and cheeses, tasty canapés and a few vegetarian snacks (to dilute it a bit 😉) and uncork a nice, enveloping red, such as ANDREA VINO ROSSO, nice and dry and intriguing. Of course, the chalices can also keep you company on the sofa, perhaps for a movie or TV series marathon. What could be better than a good movie, a chalice in your hand and the warmth of home? That's right, nothing at all!


5 perfect wines for winter: sushi night


For winelovers who don't shy away from fusion food and who are in love with sushi, any night is a good one to order an avalanche of nigiri, uramaki and sashimi to take away. So, for a truly perfect sushi evening (in company or for two, you decide😉) you need to keep a few bottles of OLLA RIBOLLA GIALLA SPUMANTE in the fridge: it really is the ideal bubbly to accompany all those delicate fish dishes that make your heart beat faster! Excellent for all seasons, this Ribolla always knows how to get noticed, even at aperitif time... In short, a must-have for a winelover like you!


5 perfect wines for winter: Sunday lunch


The Italian ritual of Sunday lunch is the perfect opportunity to uncork that good label you've been saving for a while. Whether with family, friends or at your second home in the country, this is the perfect time to enjoy a glass (even two 😉) of the good ones. In winter, you know, a few robust dishes appear on everyone's Sunday tables, as there is always time in the afternoon for a restorative nap! For a table laden with roasts, polenta and various gravies, a RIESLING DELL'OLTREPÒ PAVESE DOC is ideal: you'll feel how it succeeds in 'cleaning' your mouth even from the fattest dishes, leaving your taste buds ready for another bite.


5 perfect wines for winter: a different dish


Speaking of Riesling, if you feel like 'daring' a daring combination, you can uncork it together with Alsatian Choucroute: a dish of pork and sauerkraut that satisfies even the wildest gourmets. If you feel like a 'Sunday Masterchef' and like to experiment in the kitchen, try preparing it for your loved ones: they will be speechless and will ask for seconds!

5 winter's wines

5 perfect wines for winter: fusion evening


Speaking of fusion food: how about an evening of candles, exotic foods and maybe some giant pillows on the floor, to recreate that Arabian atmosphere of total relaxation? You may not be a culinary expert and rarely indulge in spicy preparations, but you can always fall back on take-away: every good eater, after all, has a lifeline for those evenings when you just don't feel like cooking! 😉 Whether Indian, Chinese or Thai cuisine, always be ready with a glass of fresh RAGGIANTE ROSATO. With its fruity notes, it is simply the ultimate accompaniment to chicken curries, spicy dishes and properly spiced main courses. You can't wait to relax and uncork it, can you?


5 perfect wines for winter: which wine to bring to friends?


It happens to everyone, even the most experienced winelovers, to be invited by friends (perhaps at the last minute) and not knowing what wine to bring. When you don't know what's on the menu, you can play it safe with PROSECCO DOC MILLESIMATO 2020 EXTRA DRY, for several reasons. Firstly, because it can accompany your cheers from aperitif to dessert, and then because you know: a bubbly served at the right temperature immediately makes a party, don't you think? A small trick that can really make a difference is to bring it already chilled, perhaps in an ice bag, so that it can be uncorked immediately.


Now that we've given you some advice on what to uncork to fight the cold like a true winelover, all that's left to do is stock up on Giordano: what are you waiting for? Your cellar definitely needs a nice refill!