3 ideas for a great New Year

Tips for celebrating big and popping the cork

3 ideas for a great New Year

Date of publication: 27/12/2022

Like everyone else, the fateful question "what to do on New Year's Eve" awaits around the corner, right? Don't panic: here are 3 ideas on how to celebrate big and, of course, how to end the year as a true wine lover.

3 ideas for New Year's Eve: party in the snow

If you are a mountain lover and enjoy skiing during the holidays,  a New Year's Eve in the snow  could be perfect for you! Can you imagine yourself in front of a roaring fireplace? Maybe with a nice glass in hand and that cabin atmosphere which, let's face it, it always fascinates! So gather your friends (even if just a few close ones, so you can have great chats 😉) and choose a comfortable location even for sleeping, then start thinking about a gourmet menu and, of course, what drink to enjoy. For a dinner based on robust, typical mountain dishes, the perfect bottle could be BARDOLINO DOC 2022, a dry and floral red that is simply spectacular with meat dishes and aged cheeses.

3 ideas for New Year's Eve: pop the bubbles at midnight!

A true wine lover like you certainly knows this: at the stroke of midnight the bubbles are uncorked! Whether dry or sweet, whether you pop the cork or not, it's impossible to start the new year without a nice, fresh glass of bubbles. If you're feel daring and want to offer your guests something different, try an Blanc de BlancsPerfect with aperitifs, excellent with fish and seafood, it surprises with a cheese platter (preferably fresh) and does not disdain the company of small pastries and desserts: floral and delicate, it can be served with two or three ice cubes in the glass. 

New Year wines

3 ideas for New Year's Eve: gourmet fish-based dinner

Are you planning a New Year's Eve at home and away from the crowds and clubs? Put everything on the menu then! Treat yourself well and prepare a fish-based dinner worthy of Masterchef: crudités, carpaccio, a nice seafood pasta or baked fish (which also looks amazing)... There are so many recipes to take inspiration from to leave your guests lost for words. If this is the kind of evening you have planned, a nice bottle to uncork is certainly the DORALUNA: sparkling, lively, appetising, it's the best choice to sip with a tartare or with any of the delicious dishes you have in mind. Why a sparkling wine? Because some fish can be a little heavier, such as salmon or some smoked carpaccio which tend to be a little more "intrusive" on the palate. With a touch of panache you'll see you're not wrong, trust us!

3 ideas for New Year's Eve: a toast in the countryside

Do you like to relax immersed in nature and enjoy long walks outdoors even in winter? Plan a few days in the countryside for New Year's Eve! Maybe you have your own little cottage, or you can find a comfortable farmhouse to host friends: wherever you go, make sure you stock up on delicacies and, as always, good bottles. You could prepare some lovely roasted chestnuts, a cheese fondue (which is an enjoyable and super tasty dish) or prepare a rich aperitif and some group games in anticipation for midnight.
 Whatever your plans, take a PIEDMONT BARBERA D'ASTI DOCG SUPERIORE with you: it's a wild card that goes well with all soups and also game and roasts. In short, a "must" if you want to uncork the perfect red wine while waiting for midnight to strike!

Now that we've given you some ideas on how to plan a true wine lover's New Year's Eve, all you have to do is take a tour of Giordano to find inspiration on what to uncork for New Year's Eve: countdown and…Cheers!

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