4 weekends to discover wine in Europe

4 countries, 4 different ways of understanding wine: short hikes in the old continent for holiday weekends in the name of wine-and-gastronomy

4 weekends to discover wine in Europe

Date of publication: 23/08/2016

The love story between Wine and Europe  has its roots in Ancient Greece: A millennial relationship, with never a moment of faltering. If it is fair to say that it was the Greek to take the first steps in viticulture, it is with the expansion of the Roman Empire that vineyards and wine arrived in Europe. Why not spend a weekend on a journey of discovery of the flavours and traditions of our neighbours?

Wine Trails Map

Our infographic provides some ideas to discover lesser-known wine-producing towns, because wine is really a world in itself to explore! Be seduced by the romantic wine routes in France, or challenge the asperity of the rocky region of Ahr in Germany. A fleeting taste of Spain in Valencia, or a dip in charming Apulia. Over the next few days we’ll explore each of the countries indicated,  discovering small curiosities, of wines and place to visit!

Wine is a journey in taste: travel and discover the thousand flavours of wine in Europe!

Ph. credits: nytimes.com

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