Wine and Christmas: 5 bottles to give as gifts

The right labels to make a great impression

Wine and Christmas: 5 bottles to give as gifts

Date of publication: 05/12/2022

We have now begun immersing ourselves in the atmosphere of Christmas: you'll have to think about decorations, a festive menu, friends to invite and... gifts, of course! Don't panic, we'll help you: giving wine as a gift is always a good idea if you have wine-lover friends like yourself. Here are the 5 labels that will help you make an excellent impression; are you ready to find out what they are?

Wine and Christmas: the right bottle for those who love intense reds

We all know a wine lover (or more than one) who just can't resist an enveloping red: summer or winter, they only have eyes for intense reds. No problem, there are many options for those who love intense wines: the ROSSO DELLA TERRA, for example. This is  a harmonious and powerful wine which maintains its elegance with game but also pairs well with meat, well-seasoned first courses, and the tastiest soups. In short, it is a robust red that acts as a passe-partout with menus for indomitable foodies: you will make fans of thoroughbred reds very happy with this label, trust us.

Wine and Christmas: the right label for fans of sparkling wines

What does one give to fans of sparkling wine? They are happy anywhere, and give the impression a party is about to begin: we have the perfect gift for those who like "spirited" toasts. With the 7PM BLANC you are on the safe side: versatile, fresh, soft… This wine is simply perfect for starting the evening with really “cool” appetisers based on fish tartare, crudités, or slightly aged cheeses. However,  it can also accompany you throughout the meal (with fish or white meat) and up to late evening chats. In short, it's a must for those who love sparkling wine, trust us! Even the bottle itself, decorated with a cheerful, dynamic design, helps you make a great impression when giving it to your friend... You'll see that you are sure to impress!

Wine and Christmas: make way for young reds

If you have a wine-lover friend who can't resist a young red, we have just the perfect label: give them a LAMBRUSCO DI MODENA DOC and you are guaranteed to see their eyes light up. Anyone who loves good wine knows Lambrusco gives its best when paired with cured meats, semi-mature cheeses, first courses, and main courses based on white meats.  It will be that floral scent, or maybe that ruby red colour that renders it even more elegant. Let's face it: there may be some bubbles in it, but you really can't say no to a glass of red like this. Imagine toasting with your loved ones, perhaps in front of the fire while roasting chestnuts... Oh yes, there's no better way to wait for the festive season! 

Wine and Christmas: the perfect gift for those who love making a "pink" toast

For those who view making toasts through "rose-tinted glasses", the perfect bottle to put under the tree is the EXCLUSIVE LABEL ORO ROSATO PUGLIA IGT. This is a dry, soft and harmonious rosé which pairs very well with the most sophisticated appetisers, and with white meat or fish. This wine is spectacular with a plate of spaghetti with sea urchins: you know how it is, with the festive season approaching and gourmet menus being planned by true connoisseurs, keeping a rosé like this in the fridge is a guarantee of success… Lovers of rosé will be blown away by it, you'll see.

Wine and Christmas: a different idea for giving wine

A lovely idea is to wrap the choice of an obviously top label in beautiful packaging (perhaps with a special ribbon) and to attach a recipe that would enhance the wine to the fullest. Imagine taking a good, well-packaged wine to a friend's house with a note (even on specially printed parchment) setting out the recipe for a dish that will render the wine even more delightful: foodies will go crazy for it, you'll see!

Wine and Christmas: the right white for the festive season

For those who love fish-based dinners and are already planning a gourmet menu that includes shellfish and seafood, the perfect gift is a CA' MERLETTO BIANCO VENETO IGT. This dry white served nice and chilled could be the surprise star of a dinner that is worthy of a haute cuisine magazine. Perfect with intriguing salads, raw fish, and marinated prawns, this wine can be enjoyed from the appetisers to the main course. After all, a fruity white wine is a must-have on the festive table to accompany all those carpaccio and seafood canapés: we're sure you'll see it being well-received!

Now that we've given you some ideas of perfect gifts for all the wine lovers you know, take a tour of Giordano and let yourself be inspired: we're sure you'll find the right label to put under the tree (maybe even for yourself, if you'd like a treat!)

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