Wine for every connoisseur!

Gift the perfect bottle: here are our suggestions

Wine for every connoisseur!

Date of publication: 02/12/2021

Here we are, the most magical period of the year has officially begun, made up of lights, colours, gifts and of course, lots of wine. That's right, because during the holidays there is no shortage of lunches and dinners in good company. Indeed, these are the best times to share a good bottle of wine!

The question is therefore sprung upon us: which wine to give as a Christmas gift? It depends! Does the recipient prefer young and fresh wines, or full-bodied and mature wines? Is it a bottle to be opened on a particular occasion?

Regardless of what you choose, be it a red, a white or a sparkling wine, giving wine is always an appreciated gesture, so you can't go wrong. But if you really want to touch the heart of the recipient, then follow these tips.


Amarone: a great classic for those who love tradition

A great classic of the Venetian wine tradition, bold and particularly intense. We are talking about the Amarone della Valpolicella, an all-round wine that becomes the undisputed protagonist when brought to the table. It is certainly one of the most perfect labels to give to a person who loves good wine; it's the "historical" one, made to perfection as tradition dictates. Complex but not difficult, austere but not impossible to decipher: ageing in wood gives it an unparalleled and expressive fullness.


Vermentino di Sardegna: for those who dream of the sea all year round

We all have that friend who only ever thinks of the sea and waits for summer more than anything else. Well, what better occasion to bring them some sun than the coldest time of the year? Do this by giving them a Vermentino di Sardegna, delicate and mineral. White wine of undisputed finesse and elegance, it's mainly produced along the coasts of Sardinia, Tuscany and Liguria. The proximity to the sea gives it a marked savoury note which goes perfectly with first and second courses of fish, as well as with the decidedly more succulent Sardinian regional specialities.


Malvasia Nera del Salento: for the enthusiast who wants to discover

There are wines that cannot be taken lightly, but instead require special attention. They are the ones that should be savoured sip by sip and discovered slowly. If the person you want to surprise is in no hurry and likes to dwell on the details, then a Malvasia Nera del Salento is the perfect option for them. An Apulian red with character, capable of conquering even the most difficult palate with warm and spicy hints of the Mediterranean. It immediately stands out with its fruity and juicy notes of red berries, and then opens with a definite note of liquorice. The sip is so inviting, it leaves no way out: a single bottle may not be enough...


Barolo: for those who are not satisfied

When it comes to excellence, it's impossible not to mention the Barolo. For the friend of the heart, for the dear and old father or for any loved one who is not satisfied and to whom you want to give a gift from the heart, choose a Barolo. It is characterized by a wide, rich and complex bouquet, enchanting for balance and harmony. The notes of cherry and ripe fruit, together with hints of lavender and spices, create a warm and soft sip. Definitely a wine that deserves a special occasion to be enjoyed.


For those who are not satisfied with giving a single bottle as a gift, we suggest opting for the luxurious Christmas packages: here you can find the best labels combined with tasty specialities, perfect for a lavish and very tasteful gift.