The right five wines to face winter

Warm up your evenings with the best labels

The right five wines to face winter

Date of publication: 09/01/2023

True winelovers like you know what it takes to make a winter evening memorable: the right glassful, of course! What could be better than uncorking your favourite label at a dinner party with friends? Maybe in front of a cosy fireplace, or at a last-minute house party (which are usually the most fun 😉). In short, whatever your plans, here we recommend the right five wines to face winter. Ready?

Five wines to face winter: a warm evening with friends

You know: even the wildest partygoers prefer to stay warm in winter, perhaps organising a nice dinner with friends (toasting in company is always the best, isn't it?). On these evenings of good food and late-night laughter, you need an embracing and agreeable wine that can accompany even the most demanding winter dishes: a MALVASIA NERA SALENTO IGT would be ideal! Why such a rich red? Because it goes well with all the gourmet options you have in mind: a board of mature cheeses, a risotto, or an impressive main course such as a roast with potatoes. If you love winter dishes and only invite good foodies to dinner, uncorking it is a guarantee!

Five wines to face winter: a dish that really warms up your evenings

If you love dinner parties and are looking forward to inviting as many friends as possible over for an evening of conversation and great food, you might consider a truly convivial dish: how about a nice beef bourguignon? Delicious and fun to eat in a group, it is simply perfect to "stretch out" dinner a bit if you are a fan of sitting around the table in company. You can also indulge yourself with the sauces that accompany the meat and, perhaps, choose a nice Barbera or a young Dolcetto with fruity overtones. Try it and you will leave your guests open-mouthed, we are sure.

Five wines to face winter: don't forget parties!

A winelover who likes to pop open a bottle in company takes every opportunity to improvise a party of top drinks and tasty appetisers, don't you think? If you recognise yourself in this description, we have a different bottle that could turn your evening around: with the MIVITA MIMOSA COCKTAIL, you always have a wild card to hand for quick and intriguing cocktails. Winter indeed lends itself a little more to red, full-bodied wines and a little less to icy drinks, but trust me: if you're planning a hearty aperitif, with lots of gourmet finger food, you'd better prepare a nice stock of ice and put it in the fridge. A little touch of summer with the cold weather closing in can chase away holiday nostalgia even for the most melancholic! 😉

5 wines for winter

Five wines to face winter: the last-minute invitation

It must have happened to you too: your "foodie" friend calls you and invites you to try another of his gourmet dishes. You can't wait to taste it and accept immediately, then you get ready in a flash but... what wine do you take? Don't panic! Even if you don't know what the main course of the evening will be, a 7PM ROSÉ always has your back: light, crisp and delicate, it goes well with fish crudités as well as white meats, with semi-mature cheeses but also with the most creative finger food. Let's just say that if you take it to a friend's house, you'll never go wrong: if you can deliver it still chilled, you can even uncork it straight away for a light aperitif. The bottle is so beautifully designed that when you show up with it in your hand, you already look cool!

Five wines to face winter: romantic dinner with a special toast

Does your sweetheart need attention, especially in this season when you go out a little less and tend to be a bit of a homebody? Organise a nice romantic dinner: think of a fish menu to impress him or her, then make yourself look good and... put the right bottle in the fridge, of course! Don't worry, we'll give you some wine tips: with the PIZZICANTO CHARDONNAY SALENTO IGT you can organise the perfect toast! Imagine savouring it with baked fish or a nice intense Mediterranean dish: your mouth is already watering, isn't it? So go for the right glass and then go for romance: you'll see that a carefully selected glassful and a few treats are enough to warm your winter evenings. 😉

Five wines to face winter: relaxing evening 

When you don't feel like going out and that wintry drizzle appearing in the window never seems to stop, it's just the right evening to enjoy a nice glass of wine in total relaxation (if possible, in front of a blazing fireplace, which is even more relaxing!). 
Do this: prepare a board of mature cheeses and cold cuts, then call a few friends and uncork a TEROLDEGO VIGNETI DELLE DOLOMITI IGT. If you get peckish during the evening, it goes very well with pasta with meat sauce or a traditional tomato-based first course, and you will see how satisfying it is if you accompany it with more robust dishes. Why a mountain red? Because it's simply the best with winter comfort food that sets the tone for the evening: you could even select particular cheeses and organise a mini-tasting, your guests will certainly enjoy trying it with different flavours (and they'll feel like they're in a chalet at the edge of the piste! 😉)

You see how many ideas to face winter with the right wine there are? Now all you have to do is choose your favourite labels on Giordano and stock up for top toasts!