The male staff at Giordano introduce their favourite wines!

We have already presented a wine selection for females for Women’s Day: now it’s the turn of our male colleagues to recommend you their favourite wines!

The male staff at Giordano introduce their favourite wines!

Date of publication: 09/03/2017

What do our colleagues drink? We asked Giorgio, Luca and Filippo. Here are their suggestions to celebrate the most beloved Italian wines.

A Barolo with Giorgio

Giorgio consiglia il Barolo

Why the Barolo DOCG 2012? For so many reasons! I am familiar with this wine because it comes from the Langa hills of Barolo, a place that I got to know and appreciate in recent years, so much that by now I consider it a second home. It has a lazy charm, but it is also full of energy: in my daily life, I am a passionate runner (and also my job sometimes can be really fast-paced) so every now and then I let myself enjoy the relaxed pleasure of such an important wine, which is both balanced and expressive.

I like it because it captures well the character of the region (Piedmont) and it encompasses all the best things that this land has to offer. It is irresistible with a dish of “Tajarin al tartufo” (Tagliolini pasta with white truffle): Barolo is the King of the Reds; a royal harmony is the absolute minimum that you can dedicate to it!

Brunello di Montalcino, Luca’s choice

Luca consiglia il Brunello

My favourite Giordano wine is without doubt Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2011. I chose it because in some ways it is like me, and above all because it represents my outlook on life. It is a complex and elegant wine, but it also knows how to be the right actor for a light-hearted evening spent with friends. It is a wine that retains the strong character of a special region, Tuscany, home to my mother, but at the same time it manages to have an international feel.

I find it extremely versatile: perfect with a tasty first course or with a main important meal, it is also very good as a meditation wine for a rare after meal taste of dark chocolate!

I recommend it to all those who look for happiness in the simple things, just like me: a dinner with those you love, playing hide-and-seek with your children, or celebrating a goal scored by your favourite team!

Filippo’s favourite is the Amarone

Filippo consiglia l'Amarone

Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG 2013 is a wine for special occasions: I’ve chosen it for its modern style, but also because it respects tradition and everything related to it. I’m very attached to the fine details of a good wine, made with the care of the past!

Amarone has a clear and consistent ruby red colour. Intense and complex, it has a fruity aroma with a hint of black cherry, sensations of ripe berry fruits and fruit in alcohol. By tasting it, Amarone is dry, warm, soft and balanced. The finish? Persistent and fine: a touch of class that invites you to try it again!