The labels for going on holiday

Because with the right wine, summer will start all over again

The labels for going on holiday

Date of publication: 06/09/2021

September has begun and that can only mean one thing: it's harvest time! Walking between rows of trees, cycling through the colours of autumn, tasting your favourite wines... these are just some of the lovely things you can do this month. But, if you're feeling particularly nostalgic for the holidays which have just ended, there's still time to uncork some wines which will remind you of the summer.

Whether you prefer to relax on the beach or go for a long walk, follow our advice and go back (if only in your mind) to that evening in June, when you hadn't even left yet but were already dreaming of packing your suitcase. Don't forget the wine, obviously!


A summer by the sea

The desire... to toast! In the same way that the heat makes you want to dive into the water and relax under an umbrella, when the evening breeze comes, nobody can say no to a glass of wine. Especially when fresh fish is on the menu, which goes perfectly with a Vermentino Toscana IGT Selvato: not surprisingly, it's known as "the grape that loves the sea".

How can we forget those wonderful walks on the water's edge, between one aperitif and another in Sardinia? It doesn't take much to get that feeling back. Choose a fresh white with a local soul like an Isola dei Nuraghi IGT Bianco and you're already halfway there. Its aromas of white pulp fruit and delicate white flowers, combined with the sapid and mineral note which is typical of Sardinian wines, make it perfect not only with fish courses, but also with the freshest cheeses. With a buffalo mozzarella, for example, it's an unmissable combination.


Between the mountains of cheers

You like the mountains and adventure, but above all you like admiring the wonderful views from high above the earth, while you taste the local delicacies and drink a good glass of wine. This is where red finds its place on the table in August, becoming the centrepiece of various lunches and dinners with friends. If you want to get back to that light-heartedness, why not organise a "polenta and cheese" evening with friends? A couple of bottles of Merlot (or maybe even more) will create the right atmosphere. Another good choice could be the classic Teroldego, an intense and fruity red, typical of South Tyrol. Did you know that its name means "Tyrolean Gold"? Which says a lot about its precious character...

But Northern Italy is also home to great whites, famous all over the world for their finesse and elegance. A prominent role is played by Müller Thurgau: with its notes of peach and golden apple and its decisive persistence, it's a white which knows how to get noticed.

Hills and drinking vessels under the stars

There's something fascinating about the peace of the countryside. Between small villages which feel like they've been frozen in time, and vast expanses of flowering meadows, your holidays have been properly relaxing. What did you like the most? The convivial atmosphere at every meal. After all, we know that a platter of cold cuts, especially accompanied by traditional tigelle and fried gnocchi, is always a great start to a long evening. In this case, two of your best companions will be the Bonarda dell'Oltrepò Pavese and the Lambrusco di Modena DOC. Their pleasant effervescence cleans the mouth so you can enjoy a second glass without too many problems: ideal for a country dinner, which will end up with you gazing into a starry sky, with the sound of crickets in the background.


And even though the summer is almost over, there's no need to stop toasting. September and the harvest are an excellent excuse to charge your glasses again and keep the cheers going!

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