Wine with Truffles: how to make the best choice

Read the perfect wine pairings with truffles!

Wine with Truffles: how to make the best choice

Date of publication: 11/10/2016

Truffles are definitely one of the most delicious and refined gourmet products in the world. Their organoleptic characteristics, combined with the difficulty involved in obtaining them, have made truffles much appreciated and rather expensive. Because of this, and to make the most of their gastronomic excellence, truffles need to be paired with a superb wine... but which one? Follow our advice and you absolutely can't go wrong!


First, keep in mind that to get a harmonious match between food and wine, the flavour of one (truffles) must never overwhelm the other (the wine). That's why we should pick a wine whose aroma and taste complements the flavour of truffles and is in no way overpowering. 

Some general rules

Here's some simple guidelines to let you fully enjoy wine and truffle combinations

  • Focus on wines that are not too aromatic such that the distinctive smell of the truffles is not masked by the wine.
  • Choose a wine that is as smooth and full-flavoured as possible. Better to avoid highly acidic wines.
  • It's good to opt for a wine with smooth, refined tannins. Truffles do not go very well with a wine that has very coarse tannins.
  • If you love bubbles, you'll need to choose a very mature sparkling wine whose structure and smoothness can stand up to a dish based on truffles.

After these very general guidelines, it's time for some specific examples. Here are some of the Giordano label wines that go hand in hand with truffles!

For those who prefer White Wines

Roero Arneis DOCG 2015


The Arneis is a wine made with grapes native to the Roero zone of the Piedmont. Arneis has a decisive, elegant flavour, which makes it very versatile for combining with food. Served with white truffles ... it's a real taste experience!

Soave DOC 2015

It's the most famous white wine from the Veneto region and made from Garganega grapes. The mineral aroma of Soave blends perfectly with the earthy notes of truffles. It's a combination that's definitely a must-try!

Riesling dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC 2015

Perhaps Riesling is the best white for enhancing the aromas and flavours that characterise truffles. This Riesling, from the renowned hills of the Oltrepò Pavese, manages to do it with great finesse, pushing the enjoyment of truffles to new heights of pleasure.

For those who prefer Red Wines

Dolcetto “Sorì Costafiore” Diano D’Alba DOCG 2015


Coming from a single vineyard, called Costafiore, this Dolcetto is a very apt partner for truffles. In fact, it's a perfect companion with its aroma of fresh fruit and smooth, refined tannins.

Chianti DOCG 2014 

This Chianti is certainly a wine with body and structure. However, because of the perfect balance between its acidity and tannins, we think it’s very at home with truffles, particularly black truffles.

Nebbiolo D’Alba DOC 2014

Nebbiolo is the noblest of the Piedmont grapes, so why not pair it with another of the region's noblest inhabitants: White Alba truffles? It's a combination that most diners could not turn their noses up at.

P.S. Please know, though, that the best food and wine pairings are the ones which suit your personal taste! 

By Gianluca Gaetani

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