Springtime in pink: a bouquet of stunning chalices

The perfect rosés to uncork in company

Springtime in pink: a bouquet of stunning chalices

Date of publication: 12/05/2023

In spring, even wine lovers like you start to see the world 'through rose-coloured lenses', don't you? Yes, we understand you: when the first flowers begin to bloom, the days get longer and the temperature becomes perfect, it is normal to crave a nice, fresh and fragrant rosé... Especially when it comes to raising your glasses in company! So here are 3 must-have rosés that will turn your spring toasts around: enveloping, light and appetising, we are sure they will make you fall in love. Curious? We also recommend a few pairings, let's get started!


Spring in pink: the perfect aperitif for the beautiful season


We know that a wine lover like you has an agenda full of evenings to organise at home between aperitifs and late-night toasts. And if you can organise a toast on your terrace or in your garden, spring is the perfect time to raise your glasses outdoors... And to let your imagination run wild with tasty chopping boards, of course! Don't worry, we'll help you prepare everything: first, put a nice bottle of 7PM ROSÉ, a sparkling wine with a party in it, in the fridge! So persuasive and versatile, served at the right temperature it can accompany you until the wee hours between chats and laughter... But let's get back to our top aperitif: how about a nice board of raw fish, grilled or marinated vegetables and flavoured cream cheese? You will see that this bubbly is spectacular with all those delicate and fresh canapés typical of the warm season. If you are not a born Master Chef, you can always get away with some buttered wholemeal bread croutons garnished with smoked wild salmon (a timeless classic that makes everyone happy!). In short, there are plenty of ideas and ideas also online to surprise your friends with inviting and out-of-the-ordinary snacks: all that matters is uncorking the right label, and we'll take care of that! ;-)



 Spring in pink: the perfect label for your sushi night


If you are one of those wine lovers who never shy away from treating yourself to a nice plate of fresh sashimi or, better still, a mountain of nigiri and hosomaki to suit all tastes, a rosé is the solution... And what rosé! Before ordering from your favourite sushi restaurant, make sure you have a bottle (even two) of PROSECCO DOC ROSÉ SPUMANTE MILLESIMATO in the fridge. Why? Well, firstly because if you want to treat yourself well, a bubbly is a must. Secondly, because it is fresh, fruity, enveloping... In short, it is superb with fish dishes and even shellfish, but it is so versatile that you can even uncork it as an aperitif! If you're planning a romantic evening of candles and temaki, your sweetheart will be speechless, trust me!


Spring in pink: show cooking and home toast


Speaking of sushi: how about an evening with friends where you prepare it together and enjoy it with a top glass? You may not be a Master Chef, but if you have a passion for cooking and are willing to experiment, improvising a home cooking show with friends could be a lot of fun (and who knows, maybe you'll discover surprising combinations!) Of course, you need the right label to uncork, but we can help you with that... You start thinking about the menu and make sure you have all the ingredients, then call your friends and fasten your apron!



Spring in pink: toast to a family lunch


We know that a good gourmand like you takes the opportunity at the weekend to relax, spend time with the family and... enjoy a crazy glass, of course! When you are undecided between red or white, a label like the ROSATO PRIMITIVO PUGLIA IGT can always come to your rescue: sensual and enveloping, it does not lack delicacy and makes you feel in the heart of Puglia with every sip. To bring out its intense character, you can risk pairing it with white meats, perhaps with a nice rabbit stew or Ligurian-style chicken (which is a delight if you add a few pine nuts and Taggiasca olives). You can also indulge yourself with platters of semi-matured cheeses or with smoked fish carpaccio: you will see that, regardless of the menu, if you open it in company you will be able to appreciate it even better! ;-)


You've probably guessed it by now: keeping a rosé chilled in spring is always the right choice, not only because you're back to toasting outdoors, but also because it allows you to go wild with the tastiest aperitifs and dishes you can think of. You're already writing to friends to invite them to toast in the garden, aren't you? But first, take a trip to Giordano's and stock up on top labels!


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