Spoleto and Umbria

A bridge between enchanted worlds

Spoleto and Umbria

Date of publication: 01/06/2016

Imagine a city where life is lived in two different times, between the splendour of ancient Rome and the borderless modern world we experience today. Imagine a city that offers a rich archaeological, architectural and cultural heritage and is also a major centre for regional traditions. Imagine a multi-faceted jewel, set in the green Umbrian country side, and the miniature fresco of localities that make it up, encompassing a pristine natural area. This isn't the introduction to a fairy tale or a description of a fantastic film set. It's simply Spoleto!


I Love Spoleto

The myriad spirits of this fairy tale city

Spoleto carves a path through time and reflects the character of this journey, starting with the Romans and continuing through the Middle Ages and up to the present day. The Fort of Albornoziana looks down on the town from the summit of Mount Sanr'Elia. The Tower Bridge is a titanic aqueduct structure and a legacy of the ancient world: 80 metres high, approximately 200 metres in length and vast to contemplate! You pass under the Arch of Drusus to enter the Forum of Spoleto. It was erected in 23 A.D. in honour of Drusus and Germanicus, the son and grandson of the Emperor Tiberius. The Roman amphitheatre and theatre, the new Gian Carlo Menotti Theatre ... and more. Spoleto has an unbreakable bond with the stage, making it a major centre and host for the best international festivals. And that's not all. The Sacred Wood of Monteluco offers eight kilometres of trails amid oak trees. There are also the regional culinary traditions to experience, offering infinite nuances of taste, and an extensive calendar of events in the area.


One city, two worlds

Discover the excitement of the "Festival dei Due Mondi" (The Two Worlds Festival) of Spoleto or experience the tastes of the "Vini Nel Mondo" festival

The Festival dei Due Mondi was founded in 1958 at the specific request of Gian Carlo Menotti, an Italian composer and librettist of international renown. His wanted to build a bridge between the distant and diverse artistic sensibilities of Europe and America. The Festival features two different worlds coming together in one place to create something new. It brings together and offers a wide range of art forms, from classical music to theatre, opera and figurative arts. If the Festival dei Due Mondi is delicious fare for the mind, the Vini nel Mondo festival is right behind with regard to wine! Spoleto becomes an open-air restaurant, with cooking shows, meetings with important people in the wine world, cocktail parties, gala dinners, wine tastings and much more. What's the theme for 2016? "All the spirit of wine".
We can proudly say that we will be among the exhibitors! Come and visit us in Spoleto from 2 to 5 June. Our signature wines await you there. It's an opportunity to experience them again if you already know them. . . or to discover them if you've not yet had the chance. We’ll be offering tastings of Umbrian wines: sparkling, red, white and rosé. We'll be there with the best Giordano has to offer.

We await you to make a toast with a glass of our Spumante Rosé Millesimato, a certified and vintage wine from Giordano!

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