Giordano goes Social with its first Social Dinner!

On Wednesday 28 September, we held our first Social Dinner. It was a special night that we’d like to share with all of you today!

Giordano goes Social with its first Social Dinner!

Date of publication: 06/10/2016

On 28th and 29th September, Giordano Vini hosted its first Blog Tour. What was involved? It's simple. We invited 6 food bloggers and 2 wine bloggers to share and experience the excellence of Langhe wine and truffles along with us.

The Giordano Social Dinner: 16 friends one night at dinner ...

These are the main ingredients for an evening of celebration: the right company, wines made with passion and a simply delicious menu.


Our first Blog Tour has just come to an end. It left us with brilliant memories and a desire to do it all over again as soon as possible. We were filled with emotions along with our guests. Through the amazement in their eyes as we explored the winery and barrique cellar, we rediscovered what it means to be passionate about winemaking.
We fell in love with the Langhe all over again, as we do every day, and shared this passion with Germana, Roberta, Simona, Sara, Valentina, Teresa, Chiara and Gianluca. And then ... on to the Social Dinner! It was a playful challenge, made possible through the invaluable collaboration of the Ca' del Lupo Restaurant who afforded us the chance of dining in a unique location with a breathtaking view.

Paesaggio di Langa

Each of the participants accepted the same challenge. They had three hours, some chosen ingredients, an equipped kitchen and a useful assistant, Mirko. The aim? To put a full meal on the table, from appetizers to desserts. Chiara and Gianluca, the two wine bloggers, had the task of evaluating the dishes being prepared and combining each with the most perfectly matched Giordano wine.


How did it work out? It was a fun and exciting evening, a unique experience that we fully enjoyed and will always remember with immense pleasure! If you have followed us our social network, you will certainly have seen this for yourself. There were laughs, toasts and talk amongst friends as well as a gourmet dinner. Simona took care of the lovely table arrangement which was like a fairy tale replete with the magic of Langhe. Sara and Teresa's creativity gave us the appetizers, Bruschetta with egg salad and crispy bacon and Baskets of robioline cheese with aromatic herbs and honeyGermana surpassed herself with two amazing lasagnas, a vegetarian one with spinach, ricotta and coriander and another with sausage, red onions and fennel seedsRoberta opted to give us delicious meatballs flavoured with mint and orangeValentina spoiled us with an irresistible chocolate cheesecake. As for the wine selections? They were beyond the ordinary, thanks to the Chiara and Gianluca's suggestions! The appetizers were accompanied by Salento Chardonnay and Prosecco. The vegetarian lasagna was served with Langhe "Il Vinré" Sauvignon DOC and the sausage lasagna with with Barbera d'Alba. Roberta's refined meatballs were welcomingly embraced by a robust Barbaresco while Valentina's exquisite cremino, the finale, found an ideal companion in the Piedmont Moscato and Barolo Chinato.

A tavola

Special thanks to the Association of the International Fair of the Alba White Truffle and the National Truffle Study Centre (Centro Nazionale Studi Tartufo) who accompanied us on the second day of the Blog Tour. They helped us share in the exciting experience of truffle hunting along with Carlo Marenda and Edmondo Bonelli from Save the Truffle. Also, let's not forget Emy and Buck, the two wonderful dogs who were the stars of our successful hunt – and who, in the end, did the job of sniffing the truffles out.


A Blog Tour is also tiring. The pace is fast and keeping to the program requires a lot of energy. Still, it was worth it for many reasons.

It gave us a chance to show who we are close up, what we do and how we do it. We are very proud of our winemaking and wanted to give our guests an honest, behind the scenes look into our work at all stages of production. We are committed to showing that passionate people who love what they do, stand behind our logo.

Our work is worthwhile also (and especially) because of the people it allows you to meet. It leads to pleasant discoveries and experiences, like the the ideal company we found during the two intense and full days of the Blog Tour.


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