Wine Therapy: When Wine meets Wellness

Wine Therapy blends beauty and health together with sweetness of grape juice: to charge the mind and body and give them a boost of energy

Wine Therapy: When Wine meets Wellness

Date of publication: 26/09/2016

It has long been known that wine is beneficial. That it is good for you even when you do not drink that’s a revelation! Vinotherapy, or beauty treatments featuring products that are wine-based (or that derive from grapes), is one of the latest trends in the Spa and Wellness world. Join us in discovering which treatments are the most popular ones and receive advice for Wine Therapy with a difference!

Wine Wraps

A skin treatment that enhances the wine's effectiveness in combating free radicals, the principle causes of skin ageing. These wraps have major effects on microcirculation in the capillaries. They also eliminate toxins and restore tone and elasticity to the skin.

Crema al vino

Peeling with Must or Grape Seed

This peeling guarantees an anti-aging effect thanks to the polyphenols in wine and the fatty acids in grape seeds with smoothing, refreshing and soothing results. Total skin renewal is possible even with light peeling exfoliation action.

Grape Seed Massage

Besides its crucial relaxing effects, a grape seed massage enables the strengthening of the immune system, stimulates the metabolism (especially increasing fat burning) and favours improved blood circulation.

Bathe in a Wine Vat

Some facilities offer the possibility to relax in a wine vat with must or slightly warmed wine. These treatments are also ideal for couples seeking to carve out holiday time away from the rest of the world, just for the two of them. There are various benefits to the skin: the skin tone will immediately appear more polished, more elastic and smoother.

Wine Therapy a modo nostro

Enjoy Wine Therapy Our Way

Our favourite treatment? Soft lighting, an armchair, a glass of Chianti in hand and the right company to chat with or relax while listing to some of our favourite tunes... Running out of time? Maybe, but there are pleasures that live out of time to give you the chance to return to an oasis of pleasure in your everyday life. This is the Wine Therapy we love the most!

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