Palpito: The Bag in a Box is here

Straightforward, practical, inexhaustible

Palpito: The Bag in a Box is here

Date of publication: 12/04/2021

Sometimes what’s needed is a glass of one wine, but there are occasions when several wines are required. Take spring, for example: sunny days and outdoor lunches make you want to raise a glass and celebrate! Spring celebrations require good wines – and good company, and we have two novelties that fit the bill.

What are we talking about? The new Palpito wines in a convenient Bag in a Box 3 liter format! You can tell these wines are special just by looking at their packaging: they are practical and easy to carry and store in the fridge. Convenience aside, Palpito is an inexhaustible source of surprises: each box contains the equivalent of four 75cl bottles, to satisfy even the most demanding palate on any occasion.

The Palpito box contains both red and white wines, making it even harder to resist: there will always be a good reason to celebrate! You’ll understand how great our box is after that first sweet sip of delicious wine.


Palpito Vino Rosso d'Italia

Imagine sitting at a joyful and boisterous table with your loved ones. And now imagine the perfect glass of red wine for that carefree and celebratory occasion. Palpito Vino Rosso d'Italia could easily be that wine: it is sincere and pleasant in company. Its colour is intense ruby red, with bright reflections. Produced from the harmonious combination of grapes grown in Emilia-Romagna, Abruzzo and Puglia, this wine is excellent for accompanying each course of a meal. On the nose it reveals hints of juicy red fruits, such as cherry and ripe strawberry; tannin is present but harmonious, almost fleshy.

When to drink this wine? Any time: it is a good choice both for a casual, improvised aperitif with friends, and for a family dinner. What is certain is that it goes very well with meat and all of the most succulent dishes.


Palpito Vino Bianco d'Italia

Our Palpito Vino bianco d'Italia offers a quiver of joyful freshness and flavour: a delicious wine on any day and on any occasion. This wine is produced from white grapes harvested at the end of summer and is characterized by its bright straw yellow colour with golden reflections. On the nose one immediately perceives the delicate aromas of white flowers, while on the palate it is a riot of fruity, almost crunchy notes. Acidity and body are perfectly balanced in this wonderfully drinkable white wine. Perfect with appetizers and light first courses. But it is at its best with fish dishes.

Discover the new Palpito Bag in a Box here on our website! The wines will conquer your palate, but mostly your heart.