Fancy a picnic? Here are the ideal cheers for a trip out of town

3 ideas for preparing a perfect hamper

Fancy a picnic? Here are the ideal cheers for a trip out of town

Date of publication: 10/07/2023

'Tis the perfect season to organise a delicious outdoor picnic (or even more than one 😉). With the sun shining and the temperatures rising, it's time to enjoy a relaxing day surrounded by nature, with family, friends or why not alone with a good book.

But what makes a picnic really special? Of course, you need something tasty to nibble on, but above all you need good wine, the kind that turns the day around. That's why today we bring you 3 ideas for preparing a perfect hamper with the perfect cheers for your next outing.



Traditional and good: cold meats, cheese and Lambrusco


No picnic can be considered complete without a selection of cheeses and a good glass of wine. Try combining the intense flavour of Lambrusco with a nice fresh focaccia with prosciutto, salami or mortadella if you prefer. Then if you are also a cheese lover you can always add some Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino or buffalo mozzarella with some crunchy breadsticks or rustic bread. You won't be disappointed, you'll see... also because Lambrusco is characterised by its lively and light sweetness, which perfectly balances the salty flavours of the cured meats and cheeses.


Finger food and 7PM - a tasty basket


For your next outdoor event, are you in the mood to surprise (and amaze) yourself with something more delicious? You take care of the fabulous place, we'll come up with mouth-watering ideas. How about some mini gourmet sandwiches? Yes, the kind that make your mouth water....

Ready? Use soft, crispy bread and fill it with smoked salmon, cream cheese, rocket and sun-dried tomatoes. Or create a mini club sandwich with turkey, crispy bacon, lettuce and mayonnaise. The effervescence of 7PM Extra Dry goes perfectly with the variety of these flavours... Try it to believe. But then what about the bottle? What style, wine lover! You're sure to impress this time!


The fusion flavour basket with a glass of Loris Rosé



If you are looking for a unique and adventurous flavour option for your outdoor picnic, Loris Rosé is the choice! Inspired by Hawaiian and Japanese cuisine... Prepare a delicious poke bowl for a combination of fresh and contrasting flavours. Start with a base of sushi rice or quinoa, then add cubes of raw salmon marinated in soy sauce, ginger and lime. Throw in some sliced avocado, edamame, julienned cucumber, diced mango and thinly sliced red onion. To end on a high note, top with a creamy sauce made of mayonnaise, sriracha and lime juice. There, now you're ready for Loris Rosé... uncork it!

And dessert? Some fresh fruit would be the best, but we leave that to you anyway... Cheers and bon appétit!

Now all you have to do is find an evocative outdoor location and enjoy your next outing with the right glasses! Don't forget to take a tour on to find the right labels for every outing and more...




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