Discovering the wines of Trentino

Three wines of distinction with three different characters, but sharing one thing in common: all three result from the expert crafting of grapes grown in the Dolomites region

Discovering the wines of Trentino

Date of publication: 11/05/2020

On this alpine journey into the tastes and aromas of Trentino’s wines, you’ll be amazed by our selection of Dolomiti IGT whites and reds - and sample for yourself the taste of tradition.


You can savour the crisp Trentino mountain air in a glass of Chardonnay IGT Vigneti delle Dolomiti – this is a wine with a structure deeply imbued with the spirit and character of the mountains. If you’re ever in search of something new and different to refresh your palate, the fresh fruitiness of this wine gives a satisfying bouquet and finish in the mouth. Notes of pineapple and golden delicious combine with a pleasant floral aroma. This dry white has yet another outstanding quality – it partners perfectly with traditional Trentino dishes, such as canederli (potato dumplings) with speck (smoked ham), or strangolapreti (spinach and cheese dumplings) with butter and sage. It also couples sublimely with fish-based main courses and full-flavoured antipasti.


Müller Thurgau is a wine distinguished by its easy-drinking qualities, and our version from the Dolomites is no exception. Produced in the mountains of Trentino, whose soil and pure air give it an intense and fruity aroma, this pale straw-coloured white with greenish reflections is an obvious tribute to the alpine fragrance of the Dolomites. Floral undertones and hints of peach and apple give context at the moment of tasting, and are at their best when partnered with fish or seafood-based dishes. Müller Thurgau IGT Vigneti delle Dolomiti is the perfect choice for those who love the mountains but still yearn for the sea.


With its finely balanced flavours, it’s no accident that Teroldego has always been considered a red wine of distinction. Its name embodies its proud status, meaning literally “Tyrolean Gold”. Soft yet vibrant in character, as only a mountain red can be, Teroldego IGT Vigneti delle Dolomiti combines elegance and harmony. Fruit notes and mineral aromas, along with proven drinkability, make this wine the ideal partner for red meats and mature cheeses.

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