Barbecue: a brief guide to pairing wines

The best wines to accompany your grilled meat, fish and vegetables

Barbecue: a brief guide to pairing wines

Date of publication: 28/05/2024

A true gourmand is not satisfied with an expertly cooked barbecue: the glass also wants its part. How do you choose the best wines for your barbecue? Simple: just follow our directions! After all, we have a long experience in the wine trade: in more than a hundred years we have learnt a lot and are ready to share little tricks to give the wine pairing for your next barbecue the right sprint.

Burning embers and meat: wines to pair with grilled meats

While you contemplate that masterpiece of ribs you have put on the fire, you can choose the best wines to accompany a meat barbecue. Let yourself be guided by an absolutely valid basic principle: choose what you like!

With beef you prefer a red wine with a good structure, sufficiently tannic but not too bulky. Our suggestion is for a 'Selvato' Chianti Riserva, excellent with fiorentina steak and juicy cuts. If you intend to experiment by cooking a good Argentine Asado, the 'Selvato' Rosso Toscana IGT is an experience worth trying.

With chicken, better a white, even an unusual and surprising one such as a Grillo Sicilia DOC: consider that it is capable of evolving over time, changing skin and offering interesting suggestions and all the typical nuances of a recently rediscovered varietal. A rosé could also be ventured, why not? In the latter case, the 'Pizzicanto' Rosato Primitivo Salento IGT does not disappoint: it has all the makings of a red Primitivo, but retains very convincing characteristics of lightness.

With pork (and fatty meats such as lamb), it's back to red: let's go for an international spirit such as Merlot Italia. Robust and convincing, it grants sensual spicy sensations in combination.


vini bianchi e rosati da abbinare alle grigliate


Burning embers and fish: wines to accompany a seafood bbq

A good seafood barbecue brings the Mediterranean breeze to the garden: even if the holidays are still far away. In this case, focusing on small to medium-sized fish and marinated shellfish, we choose a fresh, dry white wine with a wide range of aromas and scents. We recommend the Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC, appetising and aromatic. Its balanced harmony accompanies the dishes without obscuring their peculiarities.

Burning coals and vegetables: the bottles to choose for a vegetarian barbecue

Even a good vegetarian barbecue can be convincing, if the menu choice is varied and there is a true master at the grill. The classics: aubergines, courgettes and peppers. The master touches: tomatoes, pumpkin and potatoes. No matter what the experience, choose an expressive white wine like Arneis Langhe DOC. A fragrant Piedmontese wine with a broad fruity bouquet, perfect for weaving harmonies of flavours between glass and plate.

Burning embers and... tantalising little extras

What else can you cook on the griddle? A good torta al testo (perfect for stone cooking), meaty mushrooms and grilled tomini. A good grill always has room for a few tasty treats to impress. In this case we do not recommend a specific wine... but our entire catalogue! Let yourself be inspired by the categories, and choose the most suitable label for your unexpected masterpiece. We are sure you will conquer even the most rigorous BBQ lover.

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