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7 things you may not know about red wine

From beauty to history, many secrets and interesting facts

7 things you may not know about red wine

Date of publication: 01/11/2022

Even true connoisseurs may not know all the secrets of red wine! Through history, beauty, and much more, here we reveal many secrets and interesting facts about the "king of toasts"! Curious? Let's get started!

7 secrets about red wine: let's better understand what it contains

Before revealing the secrets of this drink that from ancient times was considered a healing "elixir", let's understand what it contains and what its properties are. 
Unlike white wine, red wine contains 20 times higher concentrations of phenolic compounds, namely polyphenols, especially flavonoids.

Don't worry, we don't want to fill your head with strange words, you just need to know that it is the flavonoids that give the wine its typical colour. Moreover, they give it surprising antioxidant properties. It is no coincidence that in ancient Egypt wine was mixed with resins and herbal compounds to create medicines. If consumed in moderation, red wine can do a lot of good for both body and mind and can even strengthen the immune system. Let's look at 7 interesting facts about red wine that perhaps you didn’t know.

7 secrets about red wine: it prevents the formation of wrinkles!

Ladies (and not only) will be very happy to know: red wine prevents the formation of wrinkles!  What? Thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants, red wine increases the elasticity of the skin and keeps it bright and compact. Circulation can also improve through moderate consumption of red wine, and this helps to give a healthier appearance to the epidermis: in short, a glass of wine as part of your beauty routine may result in more than just relaxation ... Try a  DOLCETTO PIEMONTE DOC, an enveloping and very pleasant wine for taking a moment to yourself.

7 secrets about red wine: the Vatican consumes the most wine per capita

Yes, would you ever have said that? The California Wine Institute has estimated that the Vatican is the state that consumes the most wine in the world: 74 liters per capita, and that was only in 2012 :) This will be because the population is made up mostly of ecclesiastics who tend not to consume drinks or beer…It could also be because Vatican wine is really very good ... The fact is that this is a record for wine lovers: let’s say "cheers"!

7 secrets about red wine: it may help you lose weight!

We told you about this a little while ago: among the different beneficial substances that red wine contains is resveratrol. This "friend of the body" can lower cholesterol levels and help you lose weight by burning belly fat. In addition, resveratrol reduces inflammation of the abdomen and the typical swelling of obesity. Obviously, excessive consumption of red wine can cause you to put on weight, like all alcohol can... But if you don’t overdo it, perhaps the next dress fitting will worry you a little less. Start preparing yourself with a glass of CABERNET SAUVIGNON ITALIA and a slice of grilled meat with vegetables: you will see that even a simple dinner, with the right glass of wine, has a completely different flavour.

7 secrets about red wine: the fear of wine

Some people are afraid of spiders, others of darkness or narrow spaces ... And some people are afraid of wine. For you who are a true wine lover, it is probably impossible imagine any fear of a nice glass of wine, yet Oenophobia exists! Those who suffer from it experience palpitations and agitation when they come into contact with the wine, whether in a glass or bottle. This fear could be triggered by the idea that drinking the wine could lead to loss of control or even physical suffering. Considered in this light, oenophobia is not entirely unjustified - although moderate consumption would limit all these risks.

7 secrets about red wine: it is an aphrodisiac

Dear wine lover, let's talk about love... But not for wine in this case! According to Italian researchers at the University of Florence, red wine is an aphrodisiac: this is due to different chemicals within it that increase blood supply and, consequently, desire. This research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine is interesting, to say the least! If you want to give your sweetheart a gift you could opt for a BARBERA D'ASTI DOCG "COLLECTION": dry and pleasant, this wine could turn your evening into something special, particularly if you pair it with a nice medium-cooked entrecôte.

7 secrets about red wine: in the Middle Ages it was a real "cure"

As we anticipate, the use of red wine in the medical field dates back as far as the civilisation of the ancient Egyptians. Even in the Middle Ages, according to what has come down to us, the use of wine as a natural disinfectant for the organism was very popular: monks, in fact, used to recommend it diluted in water precisely to eliminate the bacteria that contaminated aquifers and wells, often causing epidemics.

7 secrets about red wine: it can make us last longer

Speaking of red wine and medicine: it has been proven that, consumed in moderation, it can boost our immune defences and even extend our lives. This is thanks to polyphenols, in which red wine is very rich (a substance also found in various vegetables) and which helps to keep cells 'young' and regenerate them faster. In short, not only is a good glass of red good for the mind and makes one feel younger emotionally, but it also helps the body keep in shape. Well worth a toast in company, don't you think?

Now that you know some of the secrets of red wine, take a look at the Giordano labels: you will surely find great inspiration for some big toasts!


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