7 ideas for creative bottle recycling

If DIY is your passion, use our suggestions to create little works of art with empty wine bottles!

7 ideas for creative bottle recycling

Date of publication: 27/01/2017

With DIY so many objects can be created which are useful in everyday life, but also decorative elements to show off at home. Among so many useable materials, glass is the one that allows you to create the widest variety of ornaments. Do you want to give a personal touch to your home using empty wine bottles? Here are 7 suggestions to become a master in the reuse of glass!

1 – Flower holders

Vasi con bottiglie di vino vuote

Put a flower in a bottle! Use the bottles (thoroughly washed and labels removed) as vases. You can join more bottles together with twine or coloured raffia, to create a structure made up of bottles of different appearances and colours, or even put them on the table for a special occasion.

2 – Candle holder

Bottiglie di vino vuote come portacandele

You can use the bottles as candle-holders or you can affix them with wall hooks to achieve a torch effect.

3 – Decorative bottles

Bottiglie di vino vuote dipinte

Paint the bottles: create geometrical designs, covering parts of the surfaces with sticky tape, or paint them all over and put different coloured elements alongside them. Be guided by your  inspiration!

4 – Cover the bottle with twine or strands of coloured wool

Bottiglie di vino vuote decorate con spago e lana

With hot glue fix one end of the twine to the bottom of the bottle, then start to wind the twine around, every so often sticking it with another blob of glue. If you prefer to use wool rather than twine, replace the hot glue with PVA glue (the excessive heat from the hot glue could ruin the wool). You can alternate strands of different materials and colours. Really, give your creativity free reign!

5 – Light bottles

Bottiglie di vino vuote illuminate da led

For a few Euros in a DIY store you can buy battery-operated light strings. Thread the string into a bottle, turn on the power and the magic of the light in the bottle will take over your home!

6 – Lamps and light fixtures

Bottiglie vuote come lampade o lampadari

Get yourself a glass cutter and plenty patience! Remember to accurately rub down the edges of the cut glass with sandpaper. Once the bottom of the bottle is removed you can choose whether to create a light fitting or a table lamp. In the first case you will have to buy cable and ceiling pendant lamp holder, for the lamp cable, switch and table lamp lamp holder. Depending on the colour of the glass used the light from the lamp will produce unique reflections!

7 – Little bookshelves

Libreria realizzata con bottiglie di vino vuote

Every wine contains a story: why not turn the bottles into story props? Creating a DIY bookshelf with bottles is easier than you might think. You need 4 bottles for each shelf (3 shelves are sufficient, in order not to expose the glass to excessive loads) and wooden boards. With a hole saw, make four holes on each board: the holes will have to take the neck of the bottles, so make sure to take the measurements correctly from the start! You must make the holes at the ends, just like in the picture you can see below.

Apply one or two coats of wood stain to the wood and allow to dry well. The only thing left is to assemble the bookshelf: place four bottles on the ground, position the first board. Place four bottles on this board, cover with the second board and so on. Before drilling the second board calculate that it will have to be drilled in a more central position in respect to the first (the tops of the bottles which start at the floor will protrude from the board, and to support the second the bottles will need to have room for their base). Your new bookshelf is ready: personalise it with your favourite books and quality ornaments!

Ph. credits: uncommondesignsonline.com | squarespace.com | etsy.com | bricoportale.it

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