Tour of our wine cellars

Tour of our wine cellars

Date of publication: 20/05/2015

Virtual Tour

Discover our wine cellar with a virtual tour using Google Street View: you can see the historic area where prestigious wines are aged and then move on to the more modern part where the younger wines are produced in stainless steel vats.

For those of you that wishing to learn more about our reality, we have prepared a virtual tour with Street View technology. It seems to be in our winery but unfortunately we cannot bring the typical aromas of the historical cellars nor offer you a glass of wine! We wait you here!

The entry

From here, keeping  the left you can arrive to  the historical cellars.

The wine shop

Here you can find our best wines and foods specialities and the new amazing deals.

The historic cellar 

The real heart and history of Giordano lies in the cellars of Valle Talloria d’Alba, where the wine is aged. Here you will find the large barrels ,barriques and the magical and  narrow corridor known in the local dialect as the “infernot” where the most valuable bottles are stored.

The modern winery: the large steel tanks

Wine making technology: This is  the most spectacular part of our cellars; in large steel tanks we refined the wines that, for  their organoleptic characteristics, will be drunk young

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