19° Oenological International Contest Vinitaly 2011

19° Oenological International Contest Vinitaly 2011

Date of publication: 12/04/2011

Our Cellars attended the 19° Oenological International Contest Vinitaly 2011 and achieved the following results:

VINRE' SAUVIGNON LANGHE DOC 2010 BIANCO           High Distinction
MULLER SICILIA IGT 2010 EVENTUS                                  High Distinction
MAESTRI IT. BARBERA D'ASTI DOCG 2009                        High Distinction
RINFORZATO IGT 2009 ROSSO PUGLIA                            High Distinction
PRIMITIVO SALENTO IGT09 EVENTUS                               High Distinction
NERO AVOLA SICILIA IGT09 EVENTUS                              High Distinction
PRIMITIVO MANDURIA ALBERELLO DOC 08                    High Distinction
RICARICO IGT 2008 SALENTO ROSSO                              High Distinction
SALICE SALENTINO DOC 2008                                            High Distinction
TUSCANY TOSCANA ROSSO IGT 2008                              High Distinction
ROSATO PRIMITIVO PUGLIA IGT 2010                                High Distinction

There were more than 1000 wineries attending the Contest, coming from 30 countries; the contest was sponsored by the Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin, the Union Internationale des Oenologues, the Ministry and Departements of Agriculture, the Ministry and Departements of Industry and in partnership with Assoenologi and the Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE).

The Oenological International Contest Vinitaly 2011 stand out as the most selective and strict contest in the world, with just 70 medals awarded compared with the total attendant (71 in 2010 and 113 in 2009) and procedures which goal was to turn the wines into anonimous, under the supervision of the Verona’s notary Maria Maddalena Buoniconti.

Altogether, there has been 1042 high distinction (Gran Menzione) diplomas awarded this year: the first 20 wines in each category and group which received the higher score, have been tested by 3 different commissions. Among them, wh ones which reached the best performance, have been awarded respectivly with Gran Medaglia d’Oro, Medaglia d’Oro, Medaglia d’Argento e Medaglia di Bronzo.

The list of all the awarded wines is available on the website www.vinitaly.com/concorsoenologico