10 foods that make you feel good

What is the best way to recharge? Simple: eating! Do you know the 10 foods that make you feel good? Read our list and put them to the test

10 foods that make you feel good

Date of publication: 19/09/2016

Well-being is laid out right on the dining table. There are foods that make us feel good briefly while we eat them, but they then become weights which are difficult to get rid of... Today we will talk about different foods, the ones which are truly good for our mood, body and spirit. Without any consequences!



It doesn’t just give our dishes a wonderful smell: basil leaves have important beneficial effects. As an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and diuretic herb, basil contributes to well-being in many ways. We should always have some in our kitchen!

2. Lettuce


Is salad a sad food? Nothing could be more wrong! Lettuce contains folic acid, a very good substance for combatting depression. An important ally in the kitchen, lettuce (as well as other leafy vegetables) combines lightness and beneficial effects to our daily diet.



And not only pasta. All complex carbohydrates stimulate the production of insulin. Insulin contributes to the production of serotonin, an important ingredient of well-being: it provides energy, fights stress and bad moods. A source of energy to tackle your day.



They are rich in potassium, vitamin C and complex carbohydrates. They combine a large input of energy with anti-inflammatory properties. And they help combat diabetes.

5.White meat


First class proteins, a mild taste and easy digestion make white meat an important part of proper nutrition. The proteins in white meat (especially in chicken and turkey) are responsible for increasing levels of dopamine, a substance that makes us more attentive and improves psychomotor activities.



Many varieties, many benefits! Fish is rich in Omega 3, vitamin D, and antioxidants. It would be unfair not to consider the richness of taste and flavour that a fish dish can give! It is one of those foods that boasts well-being by merely seeing it on the plate. 



A green juicy kiwi can produce multiple relaxing effects: both on the abdominal muscles, and on mood, thanks to the vitamin C that helps to maintain low levels of cortisol in the blood. What is cortisol? It is known as the "stress hormone"!



These small, delicious fruits act directly on the nervous system like relaxants. But not only: they have important diuretic effects and help to combat skin blemishes.


Honey is a vital nourishment for the brain when it needs resources to deal with difficult moments. Honey is an ancient ingredient, and has been present in our homes for thousands of years. Sweet, tasty and indispensable, it has emollient, energy-related, decongestant, invigorating and detoxifying properties.

10.Dark chocolate


Who can resist chocolate? Well, dark chocolate is not only good, but also makes us feel good. It contains magnesium and raises the level of endorphins: if you feel good after nibbling a square, it's totally worth it!

Our list is not complete, because there is one last ingredient that should not be missing on the table: wine! Open a bottle and share it with friends: pour a glass of well-being every day.

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