Olla, the new Ribolla Gialla sparkling wine

A perfect sparkling wine for aperitifs, and more

Olla, the new Ribolla Gialla sparkling wine

Date of publication: 19/04/2021

When we talk about aperitifs, a whole world opens up: from Prosecco to Spumante Rosé, there are many indispensable wines, and they are all equally rewarding. But recently a new addition to the Giordano range has arrived, which is keen to make a name for itself and show its mettle at happy hour. Welcome, Olla, the sparkling Ribolla Gialla with its sensational freshness!

What can you expect? The aromas and flavours which are typical of the variety, in an explosion of vivacity and effervescence.

And if Ribolla Gialla still has some secrets for you, read on: you'll see, in the end, all you'll be missing is a full glass... and a toast!


The vine of the Friulian hills

Ribolla Gialla is a vine with very ancient origins, native to Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Eastern Europe. Other regions of excellence are Slovenia and Croatia, where it is known as 'Rebula'. In general, it loves life on the hills, with their dry, clayey soils, where there is a temperate climate and above all a good temperature range between day and night (very important for greater aromatic depth). The grapes of this robust and elegant vine produce fresh, structured whites, characterised by lively acidity and an aromatic bouquet that ranges from fruity to floral and herbaceous.

Olla, the Ribolla Gialla sparkling wine

The distinct acidity of this grape makes it perfect for making sparkling wine. Ribolla Gialla is a versatile variety that lends itself well to the Charmat method of producing this pleasant sparkling wine. Straw yellow in colour, with greenish highlights, it has a dry and pleasantly fragrant flavour. The light, yet refined scents give a sensation of freshness that can be enjoyed both on the nose and on the palate. On the nose, white rose, wisteria and acacia stand out, with citrus and mineral notes at the finish, for an overall harmonious mouthful. The lively, vivacious body, together with the fine and persistent perlage, make it an easy and extremely drinkable sparkling wine.


Pair it with...

Ribolla Gialla sparkling wine is truly unbeatable as an aperitif and with light fish dishes, when you are looking for a crisp, fresh and delicate bubbly.

But that's not all, because even in this sparkling version the wine retains a very pleasant freshness, which allows it to easily hold its own against fatty and oily dishes. An example of its success is with fried fish or vegetable tempura: in these cases, a bubbly like this manages to assert itself above the fattiness of the dish, while respecting the delicacy of the aromas.

But if you want, you can go even further... crostini di pane con lardo e miele (toast with lard and honey) could be a difficult challenge for many wines, yet here Olla succeeds. With its acidity, it cleanses the mouth but remains sufficiently rounded to absorb the saltiness of the lard.


In short, a versatile and drinkable sparkling wine that never fails to provide an opportunity for a toast in company. Discover it on the site, and get ready for some very long "cin-cins"!


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