A cap for the environment, more quality for you

When sustainability is an everyday choice

A cap for the environment, more quality for you

Date of publication: 23/04/2021

It is now a fact that care for the environment and protection of the land are fundamental themes in every human activity, even more so when this involves a close link with the land, such as agriculture and viticulture.

Talking about sustainability in the world of wine doesn't just mean defining a series of good practices in vineyard and cellar management, it is something much broader and more complex, including the entire production cycle.


A major investment, for a value that is priceless


We at Giordano (and the Italian Wine Brands Group), year after year, have also worked in this direction, trying to realize our guiding idea: producing high-quality wines at the right price and respecting the environment. That's why we are extending a new closure system to our wine bottles that is an alternative to cork but made from sustainable and renewable plant-based raw materials: it is the Nomacorc® Select Green closure, which is environmentally sustainable and guarantees top performance.


Why Nomacorc® Select Green?

There are several reasons why we have chosen this type of closure for our wines. The first reason is that we believe that investing in sustainability is always the best and most responsible choice. And then...


  • This is the world's first carbon footprint-free cap, made from renewable plant-based polymers. But this is nothing new for Nomacorc, a pioneer in innovation and oxygen management, which back in 2013 launched the first closure for wine bottles using biopolymers derived from sugar cane.
  • Preserves wine in the best possible way by controlling the entry of oxygen into the bottles, reducing it and keeping it constant over time.. This ensures that red wines evolve and age for up to 25 years.
  • Thanks to the predictable and homogeneous passage of oxygen, the risk of unpleasant tastes caused by oxidation, reduction, or corked taste is eliminated.
  • Preserves all the experience of a traditional cork, respecting the traditional bottle-opening ceremony.
  • It is fully recyclable and produced using renewable energy.


A choice that gives concrete results

Deciding to invest in sustainability is a choice that implies adopting a long-term time horizon: the actions and choices we make today will generally only produce their effects months or even years later.

This is why we are happy to have achieved a first major result, namely a significant reduction in emissions compared to the use of traditional cork stoppers. We are talking about 20 tonnes of CO2 less in one year, equivalent to that produced by a Euro 6 petrol car traveling 500 times around the Earth!


A concrete contribution that focuses on our customers, on the future of all of us, and the challenge of sustainability made up of daily choices and constant commitment.