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Barbecue Special!

The grill is hot and the the spareribs are sizzling: it’s time to open a good bottle of wine and to enjoy the first barbecue of the year! 30% off our BBQ wines, full-bodied reds, chilling whites and fresh rosé wines, perfect to match grilled steaks or vegetables and to make your al-fresco parties more special! Don’t miss out: you can also get free shipping if your order is 90£ or more! Check the terms of the offer.

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Barbera d'Alba DOC 2015 - (cod. 8257)

A Barbera with character: beautiful fresh note balanced by a good softness donated by the territory in which it grows.

£ 9.59

Barbera DOC 2016 Oltrepò Pavese - (cod. 8496)

Clear and bright ruby red in colour, it has an intense and clean aroma with hints of viola.

£ 7.59

Bonarda DOC 2015 Oltrepò Pavese "Gold Label" - (cod. 8287)

Dry red wine from grapes of Croatina variety, traditionally called Bonarda.

£ 6.99

Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 - (cod. 8477)

One of our house favourites - a pure Cabernet which is excellent with most pasta dishes.

£ 7.69

Chardonnay 2016 - (cod. 8478)

A fruity yet elegant Italian Chardonnay.

£ 8.79

Class Bianco 2016 'Collection' - (cod. 8476)

A delicate wine, of outstanding elegance. It is made from white grapes, harvested by hand, undergoing a cold maceration. At the end of fermentation, the wine is aged in steel heat-conditioned tanks and gains in intensity and perfumes.

£ 7.69

Class Rosato 2016 "Collection" - (cod. 8472)

Made from fully ripe grapes vinified without the skins at controlled temperature.

£ 7.69

Class Rosso 2015 'Collection' - (cod. 8346)

Made from the finest red grapes and vinified using traditional methods, this easy-dinking wine is harmonious and balanced.

£ 7.69

Dolcetto DOC Piemonte 2015 - (cod. 8249)

An easy-drinking dry red wine with rich fruity aromas.  Ideal with any type of meal, also said “a tutto pasto” wine.

£ 7.99

Eventus Bianco - (cod. 8315)

A modern wine studied at length by the master winemakers at Giordano to satisfy the most discerning tasters. It is obtained with the best white grapes, grown in the most suitable areas.  The vinification involves immediate separation of the skins from the must, followed by fermentation at very low controlled temperature so as to preserve as much of the freshness and aroma intact. The name, Eventus emphasises the unique and rare characteristics of this wine.

£ 7.59