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Special Offer: Wines from Central Italy

The wines from Central Italy are the centre of our attention today! Discover the best labels from Tuscany, Umbria and Abruzzo: they are the result of a centuries-old passion for wine. Today you can save up to 52% on our Tuscany 2014 Toscana IGT Rosso, Chianti, Orvieto and other perfect summer wines! And if you order £90 or more, the delivery is FREE! 

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Barbera d'Alba DOC 2015 - (cod. 8257)

A Barbera with character: beautiful fresh note balanced by a good softness donated by the territory in which it grows.

£ 9.59

Barbera DOC 2016 Oltrepò Pavese - (cod. 8496)

Clear and bright ruby red in colour, it has an intense and clean aroma with hints of viola.

£ 7.59

Barbera DOC 2016 Piemonte Fizzy - (cod. 8454)

Red wine characterized by a fresh and cheerful fizzy tone, obtained with a second natural and slow fermentation.

£ 6.99

Bonarda DOC 2015 Oltrepò Pavese "Gold Label" - (cod. 8287)

Dry red wine from grapes of Croatina variety, traditionally called Bonarda.

£ 6.99

Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 - (cod. 8477)

One of our house favourites - a pure Cabernet which is excellent with most pasta dishes.

£ 7.69

Chardonnay 2016 - (cod. 8478)

A fruity yet elegant Italian Chardonnay.

£ 8.79

Class Bianco 2016 'Collection' - (cod. 8476)

A delicate wine, of outstanding elegance. It is made from white grapes, harvested by hand, undergoing a cold maceration. At the end of fermentation, the wine is aged in steel heat-conditioned tanks and gains in intensity and perfumes.

£ 7.69

Class Rosato 2016 "Collection" - (cod. 8472)

Made from fully ripe grapes vinified without the skins at controlled temperature.

£ 7.69 £ 4.90

Class Rosso 2016 "Collection" - (cod. 8471)

Made from the finest red grapes and vinified using traditional methods, this easy-dinking wine is harmonious and well balanced.

£ 7.69

Dolcetto DOC Piemonte 2015 - (cod. 8249)

An easy-drinking dry red wine with rich fruity aromas.  Ideal with any type of meal, also said “a tutto pasto” wine.

£ 7.99