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Special Offer: Wines from Central Italy

The wines from Central Italy are the centre of our attention today! Discover the best labels from Tuscany, Umbria and Abruzzo: they are the result of a centuries-old passion for wine. Today you can save up to 52% on our Tuscany 2014 Toscana IGT Rosso, Chianti, Orvieto and other perfect summer wines! And if you order £90 or more, the delivery is FREE! 

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14 Results found for Wines Aged

Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG 2013 - (cod. 8410)

Very fine wine, made from hand-picked grapes dried on racks for three months, with controlled temperature and humidity. After fermentation it matures in oak casks for at least 24 months and then rests in the bottle for another 12 months.

£ 29.90

Barbaresco DOCG 2011 Riserva - (cod. 8546)

It is produced from Nebbiolo grapes which are traditionally vinified and stored for 5 years in oak barrels in the cellar, where light, temperature and humidity always remain constant.

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Barolo DOCG 2011 Riserva - (cod. 8522)

The King of Wines is presented in the "Riserva" version, which distinguishes this noble red wine thanks to a further aging period of 2 years compared to the traditional Barolo.

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Barolo DOCG 2012 - (cod. 8521)

Elegant and aristocratic wine, justly known as 'King of wines and wine of Kings'.

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Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2011 "Angioliere" - (cod. 8382)

Internationally renowned wine, is the best expression of the Sangiovese grape, which in Montalcino is called "Brunello".

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Chianti DOCG 2013 Riserva - (cod. 8411)

The Chianti is defined as "Riserva" only after a 24-month-aging in wooden barrels and a refinement in bottles for another 3 months. This allows the wine to evolve and mature completely, so that it can be appreciated when harmoniously accomplished in its development.

£ 12.29 £ 6.29

Esclusivo 'Gold Label' Salento IGT Rosso - (cod. 8314)

A prestigious red made with red grapes from Salento and vinified with the utmost care and attention, as well as maximum respect for oenological practices. The care behind the period of ageing in oak casks at the Giordano Wineries gives it the “Exclusive” character that is behind its name.

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Ferdinando I° - (cod. 4560)

This austere red wine, dedicated to Ferdinando Giordano's grandfather, is produced using traditional vinification processes and aged in oak barrels.

£ 8.49

Primitivo di Manduria DOC 2014 Riserva - (cod. 8481)

One of the most important native vines in Apulia and greatly appreciated for its strong, concentrated grapes, meaning its quality and longevity are more than comparable with the great reds of Piedmont, Veneto and Tuscany.

£ 10.99

Primitivo di Manduria DOC 2015 "COLLECTION" - (cod. 20635)

A great, robust and sensual wine. Vinified with the first grapes harvested in Puglia, hence the name, in which a rebellious and wild nature is condensed, always oriented to perfection. The Primitive of Manduria DOC 2015 conquers at first sip, sincere and authentic exponent of the most beloved Italian wines.

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