Dry BIO red wine


The Primitivo Salento BIO is a tribute to the Giordano Vini vineyards. This is a high quality red with plenty of body and flavour that loves the sea. It is cultivated in a picturesque region, close to charming villages, and embodies everything expected of a wine from the South of Italy, delivering from the very first moment a full, intense and expressive bouquet. Our Primitivo Salento BIO is a passionate, emotional journey and is also proof that another type of winemaking is possible: one that is natural, pesticide-free and respectful of nature.

Serving Temperature
Serving Temperature
18°-20 °C

It has an intense red colour, shot-through with purplish shadows that create fascinating undertones. On the nose, it presents a very articulate and complex bouquet, with clear tones of mature fruit and jammy notes. On the palate, it is balanced, full-bodied and long-lasting. Pleasantly warm on the tongue, it asserts its heady, evocative Mediterranean character.

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Food Matches

This is a substantial red wine that requires an equally substantial accompaniment. Best paired with cuisines that are similar to that of the region, it, therefore, goes very well with ‘bombette pugliesi’ (pieces of pork wrapped around cheese and roasted on a skewer). It also goes well with the Piedmontese dish ‘finanziera’, with which it creates an intriguing combination of flavours.

Detailed Information


The Primitivo owes its name to the early-ripening of its grape, which makes it the first variety to be harvested. The winemaking process is traditional. The grapes are de-stemmed and crushed and the resulting must and grape pomace are then macerated and left to ferment in temperature-controlled stainless steel tubs. The Primitivo Salento BIO is then left to age for a while in a cellar, before finally being put into bottles.


What does BIO actually mean? In order to deserve this title on the label, the whole supply chain must be inspected and certified by an external body. The grapes must be grown without the use of agrochemicals and the vineyard must be run in full compliance with the strict protocols which regulate organic products. The fruit also undergoes an in-depth chemical analysis to check that the grapes have not come into contact with any substances which are not permitted in these types of wines, for instance from the spraying of substances on neighbouring vineyards. Giordano Vini has earned the BIO certification for their Salento Primitivo due to the extreme care taken at each stage of the process. This is a further testament to their great commitment and absolute adherence to a winemaking process that has the highest respect for the products and the region.

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