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Barbecue Special!

The grill is hot and the the spareribs are sizzling: it’s time to open a good bottle of wine and to enjoy the first barbecue of the year! 30% off our BBQ wines, full-bodied reds, chilling whites and fresh rosé wines, perfect to match grilled steaks or vegetables and to make your al-fresco parties more special! Don’t miss out: you can also get free shipping if your order is 90£ or more! Check the terms of the offer.

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6 Results found for Food Specialities Truffle

Burro al Tartufo - (cod. 5180)

This delicious truffle butter will enhance the flavours of your dishes with its unique taste. Try it with risotto, pasta or baked potatoes.

£ 6.99

Gocce di Tartufo - (cod. 4624)

Authentic Black Truffle Oil.

£ 8.50

La Tartufata - (cod. 4619)

Black Truffle Salsa. A real treat for Italian food gourmets!

£ 6.90

Mushroom and Truffle Cream - (cod. 1965)

A delicious 'Funghi' cream!

£ 4.49

Risotto al Tartufo - (cod. 4464)

Giordano Black Truffle Risotto.

£ 4.90

Tagliatelle al Tartufo - (cod. 6399)

Delicious Truffle Tagliatelle!

£ 4.90