Moscato Piemonte DOC


Moscato Piemonte DOC is one of Italy's most famous sweet wines, along with Moscato d’Asti DOCG. Made from Muscat grapes grown in Piedmont, this wine is characterized by a beautiful golden colour and intense floral aromas. Aromatic and light, it is perfect for accompanying desserts and fresh fruit. A simply irresistible white.

Serving Temperature
Serving Temperature
6°-8 °C

Moscato Piemonte DOC has an intense yellow colour, with golden nuances. Typical of the vine, its bouquet is rich and full-bodied, with hints of flowers and fresh fruit. Fresh, easy to drink and aromatic, this wine offers pleasing sugary taste sensations.

£ 4 .35
£ 8.69
  (cod. 8825)
£ 5.80/lt.

The grapes are harvested between the end of August and the first week of September. Harvesting is followed by pressing and vinification at a controlled temperature. The rapid transit from vineyard to cellar allows the extraction of the intense fruity aromas which characterize the wine.

Food Matches

Moscato Piemonte DOC is perfect with traditional desserts, such as Tiramisu, Crepes and Apple Pie. Delicious with fresh fruit: this wine is perfect for pairing with a fruit salad that has pieces of pineapple and mango as an exotic touch.


When to drink Moscato Piemonte DOC? 6 – 8°. Culturally relegated to the Christmas holidays alone, Moscato Piemonte DOC is being rediscovered as a different, sweet and refreshing summer aperitif, especially when paired with fresh fruit.