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Toast to summer with these 7 wines


The best wines to welcome summer are fresh and fragrant. Here are our 7 favourite wines. We bet they will also become yours!

5 wines (plus one extra) for the perfect barbecue


The sun is shining, between one day of rain and another: the time for a BBQ has arrived! Whether electric, charcoal, gas or wood. Showcase your skills as master of the barbecue and we’ll take care of the wines.

Neighbours’ Day: a much-loved tradition!


Begun in 1999 in Paris, Neighbours’ Day has become a fixed event throughout Europe. A day dedicated to friendship and solidarity. Do not make other commitments on May 19th!

Alessandra and Vissia’s favourite wines


Today we meet the most sparkling spirit of our wines: let’s make a toast with Alessandra and Vissia to a fabulous 2017 with the bubbles that adorn their table

Daniela and Federica’s favourite wines


Do you want to find out which wines our Daniela and Federica like the most? Here are a few hints: one is a legendary red, the other a fragrant rosé.