Grillo Sicilia DOC

Dry white wine


A white wine with unusual characteristics and ancient tradition, Grillo Sicilia DOC is fragrant and full-bodied. It is particularly important in the production of Marsala, Grillo is vinified by the homonymous grape, a heritage of Sicilian wine making.

Serving Temperature
Serving Temperature
10°-12 °C

It’s colour is intense straw yellow with golden glint. The floral scents (above all jasmine and white flowers) meet intense exotic suggestions, returning a bouquet as rich as it is evocative. By tasting reveals a delicate acidity and it is expertly balanced by the careful interventions of expert oenologists. Balanced and harmonious taste, very fresh. This wine is suitable for aging process, able to amaze also after long time.

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Food Matches

Delicious with Panelle, chickpea fritters that is typical from Palermo. It accompanies with balance the seafood cuisine, from appetizers to more structured second plates: particularly recommended with octopus salad. Balanced with vegetarian cuisine, it amazes with the most courageous preparations in fusion sauce.