2 hearts and 1 cellar

The best wines for Valentine’s Day (and more)

Date of publication: 04/02/2021

Ah, love. That wonderful thing that makes you dream, sigh and, often… drink. What better way to celebrate love than with a lovely glass of wine? Valentine’s Day is coming soon: it’s a great opportunity to enjoy a romantic dinner with your great love. And if your great love is something or someone other than wine...there should still be an excellent bottle of wine on the table...savour that delicious first sip...

So here are the best labels for an amazing romantic evening: "Love is in the air", but the wines are right here.


Sparkling Wines to launch a wonderful evening

Everything depends on how you start: the right first glass sets the tone for a marvelous dinner. And Sparkling Wine holds a promise of love – that’s why we recommend it to inaugurate the evening. If what you are looking for is freshness and finesse, the '900 Gran Giordano Brut is the right choice: it is well-balanced, with an intense and fruity aroma for starting well. On the other hand, if you intend to amaze right away, choose a Blanc de Blancs Spumante Millesimato with its wonderful golden reflections: this wine will imbue the evening with elegance from the very beginning.


Red, like passion

If there is a colour that best expresses Valentine’s Day, it is definitely red. But not all wines are good for creating that intimate, mellow atmosphere that you want to achieve. Leave the aggressive tannins and marked acidity in the cellar and go for soft taste, velvety tannins and alcohol content that presents itself without overpowering. The king in this sense is undoubtedly an Amarone della Valpolicella, a Venetian classic of great importance and structure. Sumptuous, with ripe fruit aromas and overwhelming spicy notes: guaranteed success. Boasting strong flavours, too, is the outstanding Barolo Riserva. The Barolo has a unique aromatic panorama, with smooth tannins and an enveloping character with which to nicely accelerate the dinner. In general, these are characteristics of Southern wines, such as the Appassimento Rosso Puglia or the Primitivo di Manduria.


White wines to win you over

Class is not water, it is wine (white wine, to be precise). If your Valentine's Day is all about candles, red roses and Louis Armstrong playing in the background, these labels will make you fall in love. The ace up your sleeve could be a good Müller Thurgau, with the unmistakable floral and fruity notes that are typical of Trentino wines. But there is also the fragrant Chardonnay from Salento: it has an intense flavour and a silky body - the key to igniting that romanticism within you. Also from the South is the intoxicating Bianco Terre Siciliane: this is what’s needed if you and your sweetheart love fresh but decisive Mediterranean flavours that will not leave you indifferent. Fruity peach and apricot in the first place, to the scents of aromatic herbs: nothing is missing here.


Closing the circle

And if you've come this far with some space left for another glass, you deserve a grand finale. We return to bubbles, but with added extravagance: a Moscato Spumante Gold to accompany dessert or a Spumante Rosé Millesimato with its inviting and persuasive colour. The choice is yours, you can't go wrong with them.